Drug Abuse In The Military


I am often reminded of how bad the drug and the alcohol problem is in this country. There are news reports daily concerning overdoses and deaths and it seems the problem becomes worse every day.

I never realized how long the problem had been developing until I recently talked with a friend of mine who was stationed on an aircraft carrier in 1967 during the Vietnam conflict.

He was telling me that it seemed like everyone was smoking pot on the carrier and the ship actually smelled of pot. 

If this is true, and I have every reason to believe it is, why didn’t the brass do something about it?

They were probably smoking also.

He was also telling me there were certain places on the ship that white sailors didn’t dare go, to do so would have been detrimental to their health and safety. 

How did this happen and why isn’t it being reported, these issues are detrimental not only to the sailors on board but to our nation’s safety as well. 

How are members of our military supposed to create a unit to fight for a common cause, when certain sailors can’t enter a part of the ship because of their race? I always thought this was discrimination.

In today’s world, we aren’t allowed to talk about such things because of political correctness and it may offend someone, what about the people who are being subjected to this kind of abuse and no one says anything, and if they do say something, they would be discredited and probably disciplined.

We have some serious problems in this country, how can we solve them if no one says anything because of political correctness?

If we can’t identify the problem and discuss it, the problem will only get worse and will never go away. 

It will only create more racial discord and magnify to become an even greater issue.

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