The Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bomb Massacre has affected everyone,maybe even more
than the 9/11 terror attacks over New York and Washington D.C.

as 9/11 was, and it did affect everyone , not only in the United
States, but across the world as well. Possibly,  the  the impact of the
Boston bombings will overtime be greater.

9/11 attacks were particularly horrific, not only in the fact that over
three thousand people were killed and countless injured, but also
because this was the first time anyone had ever attempted anything that
approached  barbaric actions of this magnitude.

was probably no one in the civilized world who could ever imagine that
anyone could even think about doing something so cruel and heartless as
this action was. How could anyone conceive of committing this atrocity
and then commit suicide while performing the act of terror? I know, I
personally watched it over and over again, wondering if what I saw was
real and contemplating what sort of evil mind could possibly do such a
thing. It was the first time in my life I realized there was evil in the

Boston Marathon tragedy has changed people’s lives even more than 9/11,
this affects everyone. Even though 9/11 was horrific, this act brings
it home to  the average American. We all saw the footage from 9/11 and
were shaken up by it, and angered that someone could kill so many
innocent people and celebrate by dancing in the streets.

all of this ,unless you lived in the New York, Washington D.C. area,
the average American was unaffected on a personal level, most didn’t
personally know anyone who was killed in the senseless attacks.

time it is different, with twenty-six thousands participants in the
marathon, and probably twenty-five thousand from the United States,
almost everyone in the country knows someone, or knows someone who knows
someone who was there, or they live in a town where someone lives that
was there.

makes it personal. Besides , because it was the second such major
attack on our homeland, this brings it home to the small town
countryside. When a relative, or someone we know is involved, we take it
personal.This is when we want to do something about it, the emotion
will not die this time.

all at some point in life face a life or death situation, where in an
instant we could be gone. For some it could be an auto accident, an act
of violence such as a robbery or mugging, or an act of terror. It is
during these times , we suddenly realize what is important.

lives have changed, even more so than after 9/11.This affects everyone,
most of us knew someone who was there, someone who could have been
taken from us in an instant. We were all changed forever, the event
should tell us to never take life and our freedom for granted.

all we need to remember who did this horrible act , and do everything
we can so people like this never have a chance to do it again, and
remember, no one used a gun. It’s way past time to have a look at our
immigration procedures. Only allow people to come into this country who
would do us no harm and actually benefit our country with their talents
and abilities, too many come in with ulterior motives , many come on
student visas and never leave.

We need to stop letting people in because of who they may vote for or to provide cheap labor and thus deny our own people a job.

Above all we need to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights,
without those two documents we would never have the opportunity to
celebrate life as we know it in these United States.

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What has your Government done for you?


Gun Control and the African -American

today’s world, we often have a belief that is not only untrue, but
totally opposite of what the reality really is. One such issue is many
of our preconceptions about gun control.

think it is a new idea the left is rallying behind in the false notion
it will control the violence seen in todays’ society. Often times people
look to what they think is a simple cure for a problem that is deeply
rooted in another issue that would be far  more difficult to solve and
involves issues they don’t want to confront.

virtuous their intentions, taking the actions they propose would not
solve the problem at hand, but would rather create more problems and
would do nothing about solving the present issue.

constitution and thus our freedoms are rooted in our Bill of Rights,
most importantly the first and second amendments, without those the
others would fail.The founding fathers recognized the importance of us ,
the common citizen  being able to protect ourselves against tyrannical
governments and leaders. The second amendment is not about rabbit
hunting, it is about us protecting ourselves from our government , if it
would become a tyrant.

countries that fall into tyranny and fall to dictatorial leadership are
countries whose citizens have lost the right to bear arms. We can no
longer say it couldn’t happen here in America, we are very close to have
it happening.

control is not a new idea, in fact it was first conceived well over a
hundred years ago, it was used in the days following the Civil War when
southern Democrats wanted to keep guns out of the hands of the negro, so
as to prevent them from gaining too much power.

Klu Klux Klan was formed as the enforcement arm of the Democratic party
to make sure the African Americans didn’t have any firearms. The KKK
would actually go out and confiscate the weapons from rural
negroes,leaving them defenseless, and after a short period of time would
go back and murder those from whom they had taken the weapons.

more recent history, Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader was
not allowed to have a concealed carry permit,  it was for his own
safety. Or so the government said.

I just don’t understand is why do these minority groups keep supporting
organizations who don’t have their best interests at heart? These
organizations not only don’t support them, they are actually working
against their best  interests and welfare.

is  a well know fact the democratic party is doing everything it can to
create victims, people who are dependent on government . They do this
to all so-called minorities, so they can keep them under their thumb.
When people are dependent on government, or they think they are , and
are getting a check from Uncle Sam,do you think they are going to vote
for someone who would want them to get a job and be responsible for
their own welfare and actions.

continuously play on peoples emotions  either by making them think they
couldn’t survive without government assistance, or the political
officials try to make us feel guilty because we think people should make
it on their own, and they then try to portray us as evil people who
would let their own grandmother starve in the street.

isn’t anyone who doesn’t realize that sometimes people can be down and
out and need some kind of assistance, but most of us believe it
shouldn’t be a career choice or something that goes on for generations.

many low information voters today  don’t take the time to think things
through and base their beliefs only on the last ten second sound bite on

time has come where we all need to release our time honored
preconceptions about many things, politics being one. Most of us were
raised believing in one political party or another. As a result many of
us hold the beliefs to be sacred, most of the time they aren’t. Anytime a
politician says he has your best interests at heart and he is only
looking our for your, he isn’t. He has undoubtedly told several thousand
other people the same thing. Although there are a few good politicians,
most become more corrupt the longer they are in office.

political system was designed so that people would only spend a couple
of terms in office and then return to the private sector. There isn’t
anyone who will attend to your affairs and look after you own self
interests like you will, remember that when you vote.

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Is America in Decline?

Global Warming, Again?

I recently read an  interesting article  that because of the effects of
global warming and the melting of the Arctic glaciers, many artifacts
from ancient times were being found in such places as Norway, Austria,
Northern Italy and Alaska.


It went on to state a pre-Viking woolen tunic had been discovered near a
thawing glacier in  Norway. The clothing  would fit someone about 5’9”
tall and was found 6,560 feet above sea level on what may have been a
Roman-era trade route . According to the carbon dating done on the
subject, it would have been made about 300 AD.


Along with those items, a Viking mitten dating from 800 A.D., a walking
stick,Bronze age shoes, bows , arrow heads and other paraphernalia have
been found . A scientist proclaimed that because of the present day
global warming, many more artifacts would soon be discovered.


Of course climate change along with man’s willful destruction of the earth
are always to blame for the melting of the ice caps. I don’t think
anyone can dispute we do have climate change, but we have always had
climate change and so called global warming. If we didn’t have climate
change and  global warming, how did those clothing items get there in
the first place? The area at some period in time must have been much
warmer than it is today.


At some time in the past these frozen areas of the earth had to be warmer
than they are today for man to have been able to traverse the planet and
leave the artifacts.


They weren’t just put there by some small child building snow angels on the
new fallen snow. Also, judging by the time period, I don’t think there
was a whole lot of manufacturing going on at the time, or evil humans
polluting the environment. I assume there weren’t even gas guzzling
SUV’s on the scene either.

winter scene


believe  these evil, monstrous entities came  much later. Well then,
how did all this mysterious melting of the ice caps come about? Did some
ancient advanced civilization that has yet to be discovered, have SUVs
and thus pollute the whole world through their ignorance and lack of
regard for anyone else beside themselves?


No,none of these scenarios are correct, just as today, humans haven’t been
responsible for changes in the earth’s climate. There have always been
changes , and finding these relics from the past proves it. It is a
natural phenomena,the earth is always going through climate change, humans have nothing to do with it. To think so would
be absurd.


The academic world always seems to jump to conclusions and are very narrow
minded in their thinking. As much as they proclaim to be open minded,
history has proven otherwise. The scientific community is also very slow
in changing their thinking. As much as we would like to think they are
open to new ideas, they are very much stuck in the conventional wisdom
of the time and are normally not open to any new theories put forth by
those not in their circle of colleagues.

outside their social circles or anyone who presents a new theory that
contradicts what they believe to be true is often ostracized and
ridiculed in such a way, any credibility they may have is neutralized,
hence many new and more sensible  theories never see the light of day
and it can take many, many years for the truth to be known.

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He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

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Global warming

There is much discussion today concerning global warming, is it real or just another one of the many crisis that the main stream media bestows upon us?


Rebuilding America

years many conservatives, and even most in government have been browbeaten for their beliefs.Many are now
afraid to say anything because they think no one agrees with them, and
they fear being called an old foggie.

Many of the so called conservative politicians have become more concerned about keeping their cushy job than they are doing the right thing and standing up for what they believe. Hence,in many cases, we have no one to speak for us in Washington.

I’ve discovered that when I come in contact with someone I believe to
be conservative, if I open up first, they will then chime in and start
agreeing with me. Many times I can’t shut them up,I find  it has been many
years since they have stated their opinion for fear of reprisal.

have to get past the name calling and ignore it,when they call us names it is only because of their own insecurities.

 Stop worrying about
someone getting mad at you. I have people mad at me, and I wish they
weren’t , however, they will get over it. I have been upset before , and
I got over it.

remember some of my  ancestors,they didn’t much care if we agreed with
them or not, they stated their opinions and their word was final.

 I would rather have someone upset with me and possibly calling me names,  than  live in a country where I wasn’t free.

of us can’t individually change the whole world, we can only affect our
own circle of influence. In this way, it’s  like network
marketing, we get one and they get one,and so on, soon many people have joined us in our efforts.

There seems to be a trend where states and municipalities are starting
to fight back against the federal government. The people are finally getting
tired of being bullied by big brother.

 Our individual efforts and voices
are beginning to pay off. Maybe  in time through our individual efforts ,
we will reestablish a balance of power and bring freedom back to

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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Right to Bear Arms.

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,

With those words, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized Paul Revere,  his  midnight ride  and the Old North Church.

has heard those immortal words, but few people know the whole story.
The story is at the heart of America’s battle for freedom from the
British Crown. Many today attribute our desire for freedom from the
British was all about taxes, and up to a point, this is  true, however,
there is more to the story.

many months before Paul Revere’s famous ride, tensions had been
mounting between the colonists and the British Cavalry. Due to the
increased taxes and many other issues, the colonists call for separation
from the British crown continued to increase.

Royal Government became increasingly concerned they would be unable to
control the colonists in case of a rebellion. Hence orders came down to
confiscate all the weapons and ammunition the colonists had been storing
 in various locations throughout the countryside.

From this particular point in time, our right to bear arms arose, the right protects our ability to protect ourselves from tyrants, not so we can hunt game.

 times in the past, British troops had been dispatched to confiscate
weapons in Salem and New Hampshire. Each time Paul Revere and other
riders who were members of the Sons of Liberty were able to alert the
people of the movement of  troops , thus the munitions were always
hidden and the elitist British troops were unable to find them and were

General Gage, Commander of the British forces, a parishioner of Old
North Church devised a plan to seize the weapons at Lexington and
Concord. He didn’t want to be humiliated again ,so he  planned to attach
at night, while most slept.

the dark evening of April 18th, 1775, he decided to cross the Charles
River and march under the cover of darkness , seize the weapons and
return to camp before the colonists could awaken and organize a

someone found out about this plan. Some say it was General Gage’s maid,
others think it may have even been his wife who informed the sons of
Liberty that the troops were on the way by the shorter water route.

Revere and the Sons of Liberty had prepared for this troop movement and
had a plan to warn the Americans when the Redcoats were on their way.
Although not a member, Paul Revere knew Old North Church well. He knew a
lantern placed in the steeple window could be seen for miles ,so he
instructed Robert Newman to climb the stairs and hang a lantern or two
in the window when instructed to do so. The signal would be one if by
land and two if by sea, Paul Revere would then ride to warn the
colonists to hide the munitions and Robert Newman would serve as a
backup in case Paul Revere was captured or unable to ride.

about 10PM Newman entered the church and began the long climb up the
stairs. Reaching the top , he hung two lanterns in the window, thus
signaling the British were coming by sea.

he only hung the lanterns for about a minute, they were seen by the
British, thus Newman barely escaped capture as he fled out a side window
near the altar, now known as Newman’s window in his honor.

So here, from General Thomas Gage’s own church, the King’s own church, the lanterns which ignited the American Revolution, were shone ever so brightly, and the union was born.

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Violence in America

of the nation,as well as the rest of the free world is alarmed about
all the recent school shootings. It seems there is another shooting
almost daily, either at a school, theater , or other public place.

common knee jerk reaction among bleeding heart politicians is to ban
firearms for the law abiding citizen. This is a reaction most non
thinking people would have, hence politicians cling on to it because it
is a knee jerk reaction and a highly charged emotional response, one
that will gather them a lot of votes. There are at least two things
wrong with this convoluted reasoning.

law abiding citizens don’t shoot defenseless people, and second
,criminals do what they do best, break laws. There isn’t a law that
criminals don’t like to break. Adding another unenforceable law isn’t
going to solve the problem.

situation we have gotten ourselves into has nothing to do with a gun,
or any other item that could be used as a weapon, such as a knife, a
car, or a rock. It goes much deeper than that. Most of the shooters were
on a prescribed drug such as Ritalin or Prozac. Maybe we should be
looking there.

I was growing up on a farm in the midwest, we always had guns stacked
in the corner of the kitchen and the ammunition was in the cabinet
drawer next to the door. It was constantly drilled into us to never
touch them and to have done so would have resulted in discipline I
didn’t want to encounter.

those days we had respect for our elders and enough common sense to not
go against their judgement, at least most of the time. We knew this was
an important issue and not to question their thinking.

those days no longer exist. Today, many people want to be their
children’s friend more so than their parent. In many homes discipline
has gone out the window. The TV and video games have replaced parents as
their role models. Many kids know more about a video game than they do
their parents expectations and beliefs.

no longer have a spiritual foundation. Church and God have been thrown
out with the week’s newspaper. As a result many have turned to
government for guidance and a savior, they believe government can and
will solve all their problems and as a result many don’t think they need
to be in charge of their own lives.

a result, good conduct and manners are ridiculed, people inside and
outside of government who try to do the right thing are ridiculed and
condemned for offering an opinion or suggestion.

this type of behavior from the so called mature adults in our kids
lives, how can we expect them to act as they should? They have no
guidance or expectations, as a result, they become depressed and without
a goal in life, thus they turn to violence to gain attention and

blame our government for all the dysfunctions of our society, it isn’t
the government’s fault, just as we can’t turn to them for guidance in
our daily lives, we can’t blame them when things don’t work out as they
should. We are the ones who elect them.

is up to us, the remaining Americans who still remember what good
values and judgement is. In the short term, the only action that will
stop or at least reduce public violence and the shootings is to have
armed teachers and law enforcement in our schools and public places.

will take many years for people to return to the values and instill in
our children the same moral codes and give them the reason for living
that we all grew up with. In the meantime all we seem to be able to do
is to protect us from the perpetrators and try to solve the real reason
for all this violence, a lack of a spiritual foundation in much of
society and it’s people.

Why is Obama Getting a Free Pass?

There isn’t any logical way that Obama should have  been  elected   President
of the United States. He is grossly unqualified, he has never held a
leadership position in his life, Community Organizer does not qualify
one to be President. The only function of  a Community Organizer  is  to
twist people’s arms to become a member of the Chicago Democratic Party.
No one questioned his qualifications, no one except Fox News ever
questioned anything he  said or did.

The first time I saw him I realized he was going to be a problem, he was
speaking at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Lying on our
living room couch when he began to speak, I sat straight up and shouted ,
“ My God, this guy is going to be trouble.” For some reason I knew then
this was going to be an experience America would be better off not

Early in the 2008 campaign , it was disclosed he and his family had been
attending a church on the south side of Chicago where the services were
conducted by a Reverend Wright, a radical, racist minister who
frequently spouted hated and racism from the pulpit. After tapes of his
racist sermons were exposed, Obama explained he had never heard one of
his extreme sermons in the twenty years he attended this church, and
everybody believed him. How can you sit in a church like that and not
hear those awful sermons? If he is that naive, that should disqualify
him . Would you let your children listen to that?

The longer it went, the worse it became. His association with known 60s
radicals, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn became known, no one paid
attention. His associations with known Muslim radicals and questions
about his citizenship and how he financed his college all became known
and no one paid any attention.

The Reverend Wright controversy should have disqualified him in 2008,and no
one paid any attention. In spite of all that , and the immense
popularity of Obama, McCain and Palin were still ahead in the polls when
the September 2008 financial crisis hit, that event  took the momentum
away from McCain /Palin and everyone started blaming Bush for something
that had been building for many years.

It  seemed like divine intervention in reverse, it was  as if it was part
of some divine plan, nothing was going to prevent Obama from being
President. The one factor that was really hard to understand was the
Jewish obsession with Obama, If I was Jewish, I would be extremely
suspicious of someone with a name like Hussein, Most Christians or Jews
don’t name their child Hussein.

In the 2012 Presidential election, Romney was surging in the polls and on
the verge of victory when hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York
causing widespread damage. During the aftermath, Chris Christie the
Republican Governor of New Jersey  ran around hugging Obama and begging
for help from the federal government. Needless to say, New Jersey needed
all the assistance they could get, however due to Christie’s
unwarranted affection he displayed to Obama,all the attention was
distracted from Romney and he lost his momentum. As a result Obama won
handily, but there is a deeper question that needs to be answered.

Why is no one questioning his motives, why is it that everything he does is
glossed over by the media? Why does everyone treat Obama like a God,
some one who is going to save us from ourselves?

First Obama is acting like Santa Claus, handing out free stuff to everyone
who will take them, thus he is buying votes with taxpayer money. It’s
hard to beat Santa Claus in an election. In today’s climate a lot of Americans have become entitlement driven, they expect someone to give
them something for nothing, and they want it now. It all sounds good
until the bills come due.

Secondly, humanity is always looking for a savior, someone to escort them to the
Pearly Gates with no effort on their part. People always want someone
else to do everything for them. This is a nice theory , however , it
doesn’t work. We each are responsible for our own salvation, we have to
save ourselves. Others can show us the way, but we, as individual beings
need to walk our own path.

Obama and others in government are making promises they cannot keep, what
happens when everyone figures this out, and the bank is overdrawn? Will
people finally return to their spiritual roots, and will it be in time?

Humanity has traveled down this path many times before, The Ancient Maya , as
well as many others were looking for a savior,and when the savior
arrived, he killed and enslaved them. How many times does humanity need
to fall for this before they finally learn?


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Gary has been a writer/ photographer for over 20 years, specializing in nature,landscapes and studying native cultures.Besides visiting most of the United States, he has traveled to such places as Egypt,the Canary Islands,much of the Caribbean. He has studied  the Mayan Cultures in Central America, and the Australian Aboriginal way of life.Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in many different parts of the world!

He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

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America is in serious trouble, many no longer realize what values and principles our country is founded on and have strayed from the common sense and creative thinking of our ancestors, how can we fix it?


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