Grand Turk: Columbus’s First Landing In the New World

As in many islands in the Caribbean, Grand Turk claims to be the site of Christopher Columbus’s first landing in the new world.  Many make this claim just before they begin to tell you how horrible a man he was.  

What they often forget to tell you is the natives weren’t alter boys themselves, many were cannibalistic, into self sacrifice, murder rape and were in constant wars. 

In those days, everyone was cruel to everyone, regardless of race, creed or national origin. 

One of the many cannons still on the island designed to protect the islanders from attack.

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Why Did Columbus Sail To the Caribbean?

Written By: Gary Wonning

Christopher Columbus was known to be a Knights Templar, his ships carried the Cross of Jerusalem, the symbol the knights  Templars displayed on their flag. 

It is now being discovered the Templars, Vikings, Norse and probably others had reached North America before Columbus did.

There is evidence of buried treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, possibly treasure the Knights buried after fleeing France because of the persecution of the church.  Evidence has been found of Templar activity in the upper Midwest of the United States and Canada as well.

Columbus was a seafaring man, he would have known of these journeys that had been taken by others, especially those of the Templars.

When the Templars mingled with the native American Indians, they discovered both had similar rituals they performed during their many ceremonies. 

The Templars and the Indians intermarried, one reason, so they could preserve the blood line of David, of which Jesus and Mary were part of. 

You can easily assume there to be some bad blood between the Templars and the church due to recent events that had taken place in France. The Templars would have had no love for the church and the church wanted to exterminate the Templars because of the tremendous wealth they had created, and their philosophies differed immensely from those of the church.

Did he understand the consequences of the church intermingling with the natives and how the beliefs of the natives would eventually be destroyed because the philosophy of the church was entirely different than that of the Templars or the natives.?

It is possible he sailed south to avoid the mainland and preserve, not only the Templar way of life, but that of the natives as well.

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