The Original Starbucks

As many of you know the first ever Starbucks was opened in Seattle Washington in the Pike Place Market in 1971. From these humble beginnings it has grown to a world wide phenomenon.

The original Starbucks

In those days who would have ever thought a successful restaurant chain could be built on just one product,coffee? 

It has grown to be the largest coffee company in the world  with over twenty thousand stores in sixty-one countries. All the while selling something no one really needs at a price no one can really afford.

It’s rather ironic that a state and city whose people pride themselves in being health conscious would produce and support a company that produces nothing that is healthy or promotes a healthy lifestyle, all the while paying huge  sums of money for said product.

Selling snack, mugs and other trinkets Starbucks has become the happening place to be for the young and wannabe young at heart, while providing free WiFi service to it’s many patrons.

I’m not slamming Starbucks, as everyone is free to choose how they decide to spend their money and time, their coffee is delicious, just in my humble opinion, overpriced.

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Seattle Farmer’s Market

A must see when visiting Seattle is the ever popular Farmers Market. Located in the downtown metropolitan area of Seattle, it is easy to find and is an excellent place to spend the day while enjoying shopping and dining.

Anything and everything can be found, from a souvenir for a loved one back home to fresh fish from the sea.

At the popular fish market it’s best to keeps your eyes and ears open, recently purchased fish are often thrown from clerk to clerk and  to the customers themselves. Keep your eyes open if you don’t want a large salmon nibbling on your cheek.

Also in the area is the world’s first Starbucks, a fantastic view of the harbor and distant mountains .

A favorite attraction, an  Argosy one hour  narrated harbor  cruise will give you an opportunity to see the best of Seattle from the bay.

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Snoqualmie Falls, Seattle Washington

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington State

The unique thing about Snoqualmie Falls Park, which is located near Seattle Washington is that it lies within an operating energy facility.Puget Sound Energy’s historic Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Project which contains two power generating plants, is one of the Northwest’s oldest operating hydroelectric operations.
The Snoqualmie River plunges  27 stories or 270 feet, making it higher than Niagara Falls. Snoqualmie Falls is a frothing misty marvel , that for centuries has held a deep spiritual significance to the Snoqualmie Indians , the native peoples.

Since being developed by Puget Sound Energy decades ago, Snoqualmie Falls Park, with it’s surrounding trails and wildlife habitat  has been maintained by the utility for the public’s benefit.

A major park enhancement was begun in 2009, with new landscaping, walkways, fencing, and viewing areas in the plans.

Snoqualmie Falls      With a restaurant and gift shop located near the parking area, Snoqualmie Falls makes for a nice leisurely                                 break  from your travels.

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He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

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