We Are Omnipresent Multidimensional Beings

Many events have taken place over the course of my life to convince me that we do live multidimensional omnipresent lives.

Many cultures teach this, especially many of the eastern cultures, and we often hear stories of people seeing loved ones after they pass on from physical life. I’m sure many people, including myself have at one time or another, either experienced it ourself or heard of a loved one who has.

This in itself should give some credence to the possibility of it being true. There are so many instances of this that it leads me to believe it, along with personal experiences of myself and those I love and believe their testimony, because of their character and reputation of being honest and truthful people.

I, myself had an encounter with the phenomena several years ago.

At the end of the day, a fellow worker had related to me how a friend of his saw myself and another driver at a certain location, with a description of both of us asked if his friend had really seen us. I replied that he had indeed.

I had never met this person, so to this day I have no idea who he was.

After thinking for a moment, I realized that I had not been there. I was about three miles away and my friend was over forty miles away.

In this dimension, it did not happen,but I am to this day totally convinced it did occur in some other reality, I still feel as if I had been there.

Combining this with other accounts people have relayed to me over the years convinces there are other dimensions and realities, and we , as humans are multidimensional and omnipresent.

We can be and are many places at once.

Gary has been a writer/photographer for over thirty years. Specializing in nature and landscape photography, while studying native cultures.

His travels have taken him to most of the United States, as well as Australia, Belize, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

He has studied the Mayan culture of Central America and the aborigines of

Australia. Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in various parts of the world.

He has observed that many of the forgotten cultures had spiritual beliefs that were stronger than ours in modern times.

In technology, we have made advances far superior to those that came before us, but, we have lagged behind in gaining or maintaining our spiritual knowledge.

For us to advance as the human race, we need to combine the spiritual knowledge of those that came before us, not only that of the ancients but the knowledge of our direct ancestors as well, with the technical knowledge we have today for us to propel into the twenty-first century and beyond.

He has published several books about his adventures.

For more information, please consult his website,www.journeysthrulife.com.

Journey to enlightenment

A journey into the unknown. Open new avenues in your spiritual journey


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