How Do Diseases Form?

Written by Gary Wonning

We often wonder why bad things happen to good people.  Not only does this apply to tragedy which at one time or another affects each and every one of us. 

It also applies to disease, we often wonder why many are beset with illness when others seem to escape life with never  been sick a day in their life. 

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to be fair. 

As is often been said, there is a reason for everything: and life is fair, we get what we ask for. 

When you reincarnate to the physical plane you are vulnerable to low vibration energies. Due to the challenges you had with them in previous lives, you retained traumas caused by those negativities.

In order to increase your vibration and rise above the challenges life presents you, you need to overcome those traumas and vulnerabilities.

Consequently, you bring illnesses or diseases with you to this life as opportunities to grow spiritually and increase your understanding of “yourself”.

What a beautiful definition of illnesses: opportunities to evolve spiritually!  This is something we all should learn as well.

On planet earth, the giant school house of life, we design a life that brings us the opportunity to face our fears and overcome them. That which you fear the most is that which you need to overcome. 

On some level of consciousness, we all know that we create our life, we all have free will. Deep down, we all know this, but we often hide it from ourselves because realizing we have brought our hardships on ourself is too big a pill for most to acknowledge. It’s is easier to blame someone else or God. We think God has big shoulders. 

There are no short cuts, blaming God or someone else will only prolong the agony, until we each face up to the reality that we all have free will and we choose the life and the challenges we face, the fears and issues will never go away, anything else is just a band aid, and eventually it will rot and fall away, once again exposing the original karma.

At the spiritual level, you know when you come into the physical realm and develop as a human being you are vulnerable, and you will attract a specific type of negative energy. As a result, you fight your own battles and when you prevail, you free yourself from that or those low vibration energies and the symptoms disappear. Your illnesses heal and you have a better life.

There are no accidents in life, we choose our life to resolve issues we may have, once those issues are resolves, our life gets better.  Any illness can be cured, as long as the physical body is still strong enough to survive. 

We enter our physical journey to begin our  own Journey to Enlightenment

Journey to enlightenment

A journey into the unknown. Open new avenues in your spiritual journey

Gary has been a writer/photographer for over thirty years. Specializing in nature and landscape photography, while studying native cultures.

His travels have taken him to most of the United States, as well as Australia, Belize, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

He has studied the Mayan culture of Central America and the aborigines of

Australia. Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in various parts of the world.

He has observed that many of the forgotten cultures had spiritual beliefs that were stronger than ours in modern times.

In technology, we have made advances far superior to those that came before us, but, we have lagged behind in gaining or maintaining our spiritual knowledge.

For us to advance as the human race, we need to combine the spiritual knowledge of those that came before us, not only that of the ancients but the knowledge of our direct ancestors as well, with the technical knowledge we have today for us to propel into the twenty-first century and beyond.

He has published several books about his adventures.

For more information, please consult his website,



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