Michigan: Fort Michilimackinac

Photography by Gary Wonning

Enjoy more photos from my collection by clicking on the photographs below!

Fort Michilimackinac was an 18th-century French, and later British trading post and fort located at the Straits of Mackinac in northern MIchigan. 

Michilimackinac State Park

Built around 1715, and abandoned in 1783, it was located along the Straits, which connect Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Later, Mackinaw City grew up around the fort. 

Time for lunch


The fort provided much needed protection for the French and later British fur traders, and also protected the waterways from invasions from the natives living in the area at the time. 


Because of their isolation from the outside world, the soldiers ahd to be self sufficient by raising as much of their food as possible.


It was a self sustaining community, providing all the necessities of life, a blacksmith shop, chapel, infirmary, and all that was needed by the inhabitants. 

Growing up on a dairy farm in southeastern Indiana, Gary traveled very little until midlife, when the opportunity became available to him.

Grabbing his camera and a bag full of equipment, he began his vision quest traveling to most areas of the United States and several countries abroad.

Along the way he collected several thousand photographs that he wants to share with everyone.


Gary decided the best way to accomplish his goal was to publish photo documentaries on the various areas of the world he has visited.

What will follow will be several photography books, who knows how many will wind up in his collection.

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