Baling Hay on the Farm


photo fo two people, a child and an adult looking at a sunset over the ocean

Life was a lot slower and simpler in the fifties and sixties.

Written by Gary Wonning

Always eager to make a buck, the best way to motivate me was to throw money my way.

There wasn’t much chance to make money in those days.

There were no fast food restaurants, and I lived far enough from town that made getting a job in town impractical, additionally, most of the businesses were small family owned operations and they relied mainly on family members to supplement what extra help they might need.

My main source of income became baling hay and straw and helping a couple of neighbors with their farm work.

I liked that better than working in town, I liked the hard work and being outside in the fresh air.

I started when I was real young, so at first most of my work was for free, and when finally someone paid me, I was elated.

Even though it was hard work, baling hay was generally fun.

We would have a crew of four or five high school boys and we would always find a way to have some fun while challenging each other and some good natured kidding always went with the territory.

They would probably call it harassment in today’s world.

Growing up on a dairy farm in southeastern Indiana, Gary traveled very little until midlife, when the opportunity became available to him.

Art Prints


Grabbing his camera and a bag full of equipment, he began his vision quest traveling to most areas of the United States and several countries abroad.

Along the way he collected several thousand photographs that he wants to share with everyone.

Gary decided the best way to accomplish his goal was to publish photo documentaries on the various areas of the world he has visited.

What will follow will be several photography books, who knows how many will wind up in his collection.

To contact Gary:


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