The Pyramid of Unas


King Djoser was the first or second king of the 3rd dynasty of the old kingdom and ruled around 2650 B.C. He ruled for 19 years, which is believed long enough for his pyramid to have been completed before his death. His pyramid is unique in the fact it was built in 6 steps. it is the only pyramid in Egypt that was constructed in this way.

Unas built his pyramid, originally called “Beautiful are the Places of Unas”, near Djoser’s pyramid in Saqqara. Djoser ruled in the mid-2300s B.C. When he passed, the 5th dynasty came to an end, and although he had two queens(Nebet and Khenut) he probably had no sons.

Many ceremonies were performed in the pyramid of Unas that resembled the Masonic ceremonies of today.

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