How Do Extraterrestrials Travel To Other Planets?


You often hear different opinions on the popular TV show”Ancient Aliens”, and many other sources about how extraterrestrials are able to travel large distances and appear on foreign planets.

Most often the theory involves somehow genetically engineering the human body to enable it to go long periods of time traveling through space without aging or even dying in the process.

While this is possible and may even be the way some accomplish the feat, it isn’t the most practical, or the method used by most ETs.

The most common method used is teleportation.

Through teleportation, the soul is able to think where it wants to go, then it transforms it’s body to the new environment and forms a new body by accumulating the elements from the host planet.

It is then able to acquire everything it needs in order to survive in the new environment.

If someone traveled to another planet that was hostile to their native body, they would not survive very long regardless of the precautions they took.

Only by assimilating the elements they needed from their new environment would they have the necessary physical body to survive.

Although the popular method of traveling to other star systems could and probably does work for many, the easiest, best and most logical method is through teleportation.

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