The Truth About the Twin Soul



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You will not find your twin soul outside of yourself. The twin soul is inside of you. In the simplest terms, we have a higher soul and a lower soul. Our higher soul stays in the higher vibrating dimensions within our energy fields, while another part of our soul descends into a physical body. The higher soul is positive and maintains a heavenly state of consciousness, while our lower soul descends into the Earth plane where we take on an enormous amount of density. Our higher selves are our twin souls and the purpose of our existence in physicality is to reunite with this higher aspect of our beings through the process of soul ascension. In order for a soul to ascend in consciousness, it is necessary for the soul to descend into a physical body. This is how we become Gods; we descend to learn so we can ascend. Each one of us are Gods in training and we are learning how to be a God by being given free will or the choice to choose in a world where there is both evil (darkness) and love (light). Our spiritual soul is love. Our human soul has been given the “potential” to be evil. If you are really honest with your self and you are willing to observe and comprehend your life….you will know that this is true. We all have the potential for evil to consume us or we have the potential to overcome it and not allow it to work within us.

Evil spelled backwards is live. When we live backwards from our higher souls and we live from the shadows of our egos this creates ignorance within our beings where we “ignore” the things within us that we need to change. Our egos, or the inner impostors within, are fear-filled aspects of our lower souls. Our egos are not one energy form, they are legions of psychic energies we have created that block us from the light and greater awareness of our higher souls. These egos are our karmic inheritance and not only do we inherit them due to the actions from our previous existences we also create more every time we take on a physical body and we loose control over the quality of our minds. Negative thoughts, negative words, negative actions, negative choices that are not in alignment with our higher souls create negative minds which create negative lives for ourselves. Evil is the absence of light. Whenever we make a “light” filled choice we increase our light. Whenever we make a shadowy choice we increase our darkness. Shadowy choices are made because we do not have a good relationship with our higher souls….we have a stronger relationship with our lower souls and the egos within. Humanity as a whole spends more time suppressing our higher consciousness than we do expanding it and that is the truth of this world.

So for those of us wanting to increase our light so we can have a deeper relationship with God – we will naturally want to connect with our twin soul, which is our higher soul, who has a direct connection to the highest level of our beings which is our Monad, our Elohim Self or our God Self. In order to accomplish this we will need to slay the dragons within (or the many egos within) that distort our perception and the way we see and interact in this world. If we want to reunite and merge into oneness with this higher aspect of our ourselves we will need to earn it through the process of soul purification. In order to purify ourselves we must first pull ourselves out of denial about the distortions within. It is not enough for us to simply label these distortions; we must transform these distortions into a NEW form of energy. We must alchemcalize our souls or in other words we must turn our lead (darkness) into gold (activate the christ mind).

There are many people who believe that their twin soul is outside of themselves and there are many teachings that support this very distorted belief. This is an egoic distraction and an egoic teaching that keeps people from doing the work within. People would rather look outside of themselves for their saviour, for that missing part of themselves than go within to do the work necessary to actually activate it within themselves. Only through direct experience of merging into oneness with their twin soul will people truly understand the significance of this “energetic awakening.” The twin flame or twin soul reunion is powerfully transformative and it is the process of the teachings in the “Raise Your Vibration Book”. The emphasis on the “Raise Your Vibration” teachings is to purify the soul, to raise the vibrational frequencies of the emotional, mental and physical bodies so we can grow our spiritual bodies and this process eventually culminates in the kundalini ascending so we can merge into oneness with our higher selves/higher souls – which is the twin flame reunion.

After a soul has purified themselves to a certain level and they have begun to slay the dragon or the egos within – The Ida (Eve) and the Pingala (Adam) will become entwined (en”twin”ed) where they both ascend upwards along the spine into the brain. The Ida, which is represented as Eve (who has the potential to be “ev”il) must overcome the fallen serpent within and turn it around so the fallen serpent can now rise upwards/ascend up the spinal column. Our mission as a soul, who has incarnated into physicality, is to merge these two energies of masculine (Adam) and feminine (Eve) through kundalini ascension where the fire of our twin flame can be ignited and brought into unification so it can then descend into our physical bodies where we will be illuminated with the energy of our beloved “divine self” or higher soul so we can become an activated child of God, a christed soul, a purified soul that is no longer a child of darkness that serves the ego.

So our twin flame is within. We have been energetically separated from this aspect of ourselves when we descended into physicality. One aspect of our soul remained in the spiritual dimensions of our spiritual body and the other aspect of our soul incarnated into a physical body. The reason everyone is wanting to find their “twin flame or their twin soul” is because our higher souls are calling our lower souls forward to do the “GREAT WORK” of liberating our souls from the clutches of our egoic/serpentine consciousness that keeps us enslaved to the world of physicality. In order to accomplish this great task we must go within and clean up our soul energy! Stop looking for your twin soul outside of your self! It is beautiful and actually very helpful for those of us choosing to ascend in consciousness to have a loving, physical partner to share and grow with in physicality but this physical partner is not a twin soul. These partners are our soul mates and they can be a beautiful and oftentimes a painful part of our souls growth and purification process. However, I can tell you through my own direct experience that no one except your twin soul or your higher self can truly give you the love your soul is truly seeking. It is YOUR love that you seek, so go within and free it from the entrapments of your ego. When you liberate this energy in your being and you merge into oneness with your higher soul/twin soul the agape love, the spiritual love is indescribable. It is transformative, purifying, expansive, unconditional, humbling, awe inspiring and completely satisfying. And when our relationship with our higher soul/twin soul is right….every relationship in physicality will be right as well.

The twin soul/higher soul love is what we need on this planet. We need this love to help us transform our personal worlds and our external worlds so we can bring humanity into a higher state of consciousness. It is stated that “Heaven will be made on Earth” and it is us who will create it. This is why there is so much talk and desire to find the twin soul because our planet has moved into a very high vibrational energy where we are in the process of creating a New Earth. Our higher souls are calling us forward, they are inspiring us, but we must do the work! So if you want to truly ascend in consciousness the first level of energetic ascension is kundalini ascension – the spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit (kundalini mother) that will rise up the spine where she will reunite with her husband (Father God) where there will be a mystical marriage and twin flame reunion. They will then descend back into the physical body giving birth to the Christ Child (son) within us. Hence, Father/Son/Holy Spirit become ONE. This is God/ddess Within. This is Christ Within. This is Twin Flame Within. This is Adam Kadmon Within. In order to accomplish this we must slay the dragon which is also within! Everything is within. -© Sabrina Reber

“All men dream of their princess and women dream of their prince, their twin soul. Where is our twin soul? Indeed our twin soul is inside, it is the spiritual soul that should mate perfectly with our inner human nature. Never the less, in order to find that spiritual mate, that union, we have to develop our human soul first. Our real twin soul is inside of us.” Excerpt from Gnostic Teachings





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