How To Put An End To Bullying

photo fo two people, a child and an adult looking at a sunset over the ocean

Life was a lot slower and simpler in the fifties and sixties.

Written by: Gary Wonning

Bullying wasn’t an issue, at an early age we youngsters were taught to defend ourselves, using whatever means necessary. I came home from school one evening early in my first year of school and told dad some kid was picking on me. I knew what his answer was going to be, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway.

He looked me square in the eye and said, “Son, I can’t be there to protect you every minute of the day, you’re going to have to handle it yourself.”

Wonderful, being one who didn’t like to fight, I tried to handle the situation diplomatically, to no avail. After a couple of days, I grew tired of the nonsense and leaving the class room one afternoon, I planted my knuckles squarely on the guy’s nose, deciding that either he was going to clean the street with me, or I would take him out, either way was better than not knowing and putting up with this crap.

Blood was running everywhere; I thought I killed the poor guy. He took off running and crying, I never had a problem with him after that. Bullies only pick on whom they deem to be defenseless and they are most often cowards. Stand up to them, do what you have to do, and you will have peace in your life, lesson learned.

Common Sense for the modern era

Gary has been a writer/photographer for over thirty years. Specializing in nature and landscape photography, as well as studying native cultures.

His travels have taken him to most of the United States, as well as Australia, Belize, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

He has studied the Mayan culture of Central America as well as the aborigines of Australia. Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in various parts of the world.

He has published several books about his adventures.

For more information, please consult his website,

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