The Gnostic Resurrection

In the Gnostic work, Treatise Resurrection, ordinary human existence is described as spiritual death whereas the resurrection is the moment of enlightenment revealing what truly exists. Whoever grasps this idea becomes spiritually alive and can be resurrected from the dead immediately.

The Gospel of Phillip says:

Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error, they must receive the resurrection while they live.

This is in direct conflict with the church that believes only those who have had direct access to Christ, or their representatives have direct access to the resurrection, all others must go through them.

Most Gnostics view Jesus, not as a God, but as the man who illuminated the pathway.

Whoever sees the Lord through inner vision can claim his or her own authority equals or surpasses that of the apostles and their successors.

In other words, they don’t need an intermediary to communicate with God.

The concept of gnosis(knowledge) is the exact opposite of the Church’s concept of faith. and it is the type of thought process that fits well with masonry.

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