Friendly Crocodiles In The Out Back Of Australia

photo of the Egyptian Sphinx at sunset

a personal spiritual journey

Written By; Gary Wonning

Several of us decided to swim in the Alligator River, the driver assured us there were only freshwater crocodiles in this river and we probably wouldn’t see any of them in these parts.


It was a great adventure, the water was reasonably warm and so clear the bottom could be seen thirty feet below us. I casually looked out over the water and about forty feet away I saw two beady eyes staring at me.

Nudging the person next to me, and pointing in the direction of the beady eyes, we decided that we had been swimming long enough and it was time to catch a nap on the beach. So much for no crocodiles.

The Aborigines of Australia

photo of Ayres rock

The aborigines of Australia

The author has been a writer/photographer for over thirty years. Specializing in nature and landscape photography, as well as studying native cultures.

His travels have taken him to most of the United States, as well as Australia, Belize, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

He has studied the Mayan culture of Central America as well as the aborigines of Australia. Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in various parts of the world.

He has published several books about his adventures.

For more information, please consult his website,

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