Our Country was Founded on the Belief in Personal Freedom

Our country wasn’t founded on socialist ideals.

Unlike Europe, we believe in individual freedom and freedom of choice. Our ancestors all migrated so they could practice not only religious freedom but freedom of choice in all areas of their life.

We as a country, or at one time we  believed in individual responsibility.

More and more people are losing the concept of this and more and more are letting the government make all of their life decisions.  Why would a normal thinking human being allow that to happen? This is the same government that couldn’t organize a two-car funeral.

No one can determine what is best for you, but yourself.  It would be bad enough if elected officials were determining our fate, but we are now beginning to have unelected bureaucrats in Washington run our lives.

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Wisdom lost through the ages, common sense is no longer common.

When it comes to healthcare the bureaucrats are deciding what is best for us instead of our doctor or ourselves.

When the government finally totally takes over our health care system, they will control one-sixth of our lives. Just with that one action alone. Is that what we really want?

We Americans are headed down a dangerous slope. The only way off the decline is for us to once again take control of our lives.

When it comes to health care, in many instances, we can heal ourselves. There are many natural cures that should and can be tried before resorting to unnatural and unhealthy prescription drugs. Because of the adverse side effects, both known and unknown, they should be avoided like the plague, if at all possible.

Proper diet and exercise would go a long way to prolonging our life. In today’s world, it is often difficult to find good nutritious food. Our soils have in many cases, the soil has been depleted and food processing takes many of the vitamins and nutrients out of our food supply.

Our only recourse it to take good vitamin and mineral supplements to replace the nutrients no longer available to us in our food supply.

If something is broken, like a leg, go to the doctor and get it fixed, for many other diseases, the are better alternatives than prescription medicine.

From what I have seen and heard, socialized medicine isn’t why Europeans are living longer if indeed they are.

Most countries with socialized medicine see long waiting lists for service and medicine, and that is already beginning to  happen in America.

In the final analysis, I don’t want the government to run my life, maybe you do. If you do there are plenty of countries where you can make that happen, it doesn’t need to be a reality in the United States.

If someone screws up my life, I want it to be me , not some bureaucrat in a far off office cubicle. I kind of like freedom, that’s why my ancestors moved here.

That’s a choice each individual needs to make for themselves.

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