The Twenty-Fifth Principle of a Free Society: “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship With All Nations—Entangling Alliances With None.”


“Friendship with all … alliances with none.”—Thomas Jefferson

These are the words of Thomas Jefferson, given in his first inaugural address.

As the United States emerged on the world scene in the eighteenth century, American leaders took a united and fixed position against entangling alliances with any foreign powers unless an attack against the United States made such alliances temporarily necessary. This was the Founders’ doctrine of “separatism.” This was far different from the modern term of “isolationism.” The latter term implies a complete seclusion from other nations, as though the United States were to be detached and somehow incubated in isolation from other nations. In point of fact, the policy of the Founders was just the opposite. They desired to cultivate a wholesome relationship with ALL nations, but they wished to remain aloof from sectional quarrels and international disputes. They wanted to avoid alliances of friendship with one nation which would make them enemies of another nation in a time of crisis. They wanted to keep American markets open to all countries unless certain countries engaged in hostilities toward the United States.

The Founders’ original policy was similar in many ways to that of modern Switzerland, which has successfully remained neutral and aloof from entangling alliances during two world wars and numerous European quarrels. During these periods of intense military action, Switzerland did not follow a policy of “isolationism,” but one of universal diplomatic relations with all who might wish to come to Switzerland to buy, sell, borrow, or bank. She took a hostile posture toward none unless threatened. In general terms, this is analogous to the doctrine of “separatism” practiced by the early American leaders.

An excerpt from:  The Five Thousand Year Leap (Kindle Locations 370-372). Verity Publishing. Kindle Edition. Written by: W.Cleon Skousen.

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