The Sixteenth Principle of a Free Society: The Government Should be Separated Into Three Branches—Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.



Development of “Separation of Powers” in America.

It may come as a surprise to modern Americans to learn how slowly the doctrine of “separation of powers” was accepted in America. The states were perfectly willing to set up a single executive, a separate legislature (usually with an upper and a lower house), and also an independent judiciary, but they were certainly not agreeable to setting up a three department government on the federal level. It will be recalled that when the Articles of Confederation were written, neither an executive nor a judiciary was provided for. Provision was made for a Congress of representatives from the various states, but even the Congress had no taxing power or enforcement power. It was simply a “committee of the states.”

An excerpt from:  The Five Thousand Year Leap  Written by: W.Cleon Skousen.

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a lutheran church against a sunny blue sky.

What is meant by the separation of church and state?




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