Twenty-eight Great Ideas That Helped Shape the Nation

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Let’s get America back on track.

The 28 Great Ideas That Helped Change the World

There was hardly a single idea which the American Founding Fathers put into their formula that someone hadn’t thought of before. However, the singularity of it all was the fact that in 1787, when the Constitution was being written, none of those ideas was being substantially practiced anywhere in the world.

It was in America that the Founding Fathers assembled the 28 great ideas that produced the dynamic success formula which proved such a sensational blessing to modern man. Now  many of those precious principles are fading into oblivion and scores of unnecessary problems have risen to plague humanity, it should be in America that the banner of human hope is raised once again.

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Of course, we should remind ourselves that it took the Founders 180 years (1607-1787) to put it all together, and they made numerous mistakes along the way. Nevertheless, when they finally put the new charter into operation, George Washington was able to write after only two years: “The United States enjoy a scene of prosperity and tranquility under the new government that could hardly have been hoped for.

”1 Skousen, W. Cleon (2013-09-09). The Five Thousand Year Leap (Kindle Locations 370-372). Verity Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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