The Beginning of Democracy

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Colonies of civilized human beings have been emerging and disappearing on the continental fringes of the Planet Earth for over 5,000 years. Each of these ganglia of civilized mankind had similar aspirations, but none fulfilled them.

At least, not in their fullest dimensions. Some built cities for over a million people that now lie buried in the skeletal debris of the Sahara sands. Others built cities that were even larger—in Asia and South America—but snakes, rodents, and entangled vines are about all that live today in the ghostly grandeur of their ruined past.

A New Beginning It was in 1607 A.D. that another such attempt was made to lay the foundations for man’s most modern civilization. Undoubtedly the annals of humankind will ultimately show that this one turned out to be different. The settlement was called Jamestown after his royal highness, James I, king of England. It was the first permanent colony of England on the North American continent.

The settlers of Jamestown had been assigned the task of establishing an Anglo-Saxon foothold in the hot, humid, and totally hostile wilderness of what we now call Virginia.  The most striking thing about the settlers of Jamestown was their startling similarity to the ancient pioneers who built settlements in other parts of the world 5,000 years ago.

Their transportation was by cart and oxen. Most of them died young. Out of approximately 9,000 settlers who found their way to old Jamestown, only about 1,000 survived. Why Jamestown Was Different? It was in Jamestown that communal economics were experimentally tried out by these European immigrants, who found them to be worse than Plato had described them. Eventually, it was in Jamestown that a system of free enterprise principles began to filter up through the years of “starving time” to impress on the settlers those dynamic ideas which were later refined and developed in Adam Smith’s famous book, The Wealth of Nations.

It was among these early settlers of Virginia that a sufficiently large population finally congregated to permit the setting up of the first popular assembly of legislative representatives in the western hemisphere. The descendants of these Virginia settlers also produced many of the foremost intellects who structured the framework for the new civilization which became known as the United States of America.

Taken from  Skousen, W. Cleon’s book (2013-09-09). The Five Thousand Year Leap 

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