The Solution for Rigid Secularism

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My final entry from David Barton’s book, “Jefferson Lies”.

The solution for Rigid Secularism is to recognize that religious faith has always had a tremendous influence in American history both on individuals and events. As Dr. Paul C. Vitz, a professor at New York University who analyzed numerous textbooks, accurately observed: The facts are clear: religion, especially Christianity, has played and continues to play a central role in American life. To neglect to report this is simply to fail to carry out the major duty of any textbook writer – the duty to tell the truth.

He wisely noted: Over and over, we have seen that liberal and secular bias is primarily accomplished by exclusion – by leaving out the opposing position. Such a bias is much harder to observe than a positive vilification or direct criticism, but it is the essence of censorship.  Thus, always assume that religious principles or motivations are involved somewhere in the story, then investigate accordingly.

Of course, people are influenced by a variety of concerns and ideas, but, at least prior to the mid-twentieth century, it is pure foolishness to discount the impact of Christianity on Americans from all walks of life. For early educators, historians, and political leaders, their default position was that virtually everything was somehow related to God and/ or religious faith:  The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: that God governs in the affairs of men.  – STATESMAN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706– 1790) To record the progress of human affairs as directed by the Providence of God – to exhibit the connection of events, showing how an immense series is produced as cause and effect – to display the character of man and of God – is the interesting office of a historian.  HISTORIAN JEDIDIAH MORSE (1761– 1826) History is God’s providence in human affairs. – JUSTICE JAMES MOORE WAYNE (1790– 1867) That God rules in the affairs of men is as certain as any truth of physical science…. nothing is by chance, though men in their ignorance of causes may think so. The fortunes of a nation are not under the control of blind destiny [but] follow the steps by which a favoring Providence, calling our institutions into being, has conducted the country to its present happiness and glory.  – GEORGE BANCROFT, “FATHER OF AMERICAN HISTORY” (1800– 1891)  You will notice that while the oppressors have carried out their plans and had things their own way, there were other forces silently at work which in time undermined their plans, as if a Divine Hand were directing the counter-plan. Whoever peruses the “Story of Liberty” without recognizing this feature will fail of fully comprehending the meaning of history.  – HISTORIAN CHARLES COFFIN (1823– 1896)

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a lutheran church against a sunny blue sky.

Congress wanted to show America’s appreciation for the opportunity to create a new government in peace and tranquility.

The founders did not intend for God to be separate from our official acts. The founders just did not want a national denomination,such as in England.

They did not want an established church, an established church would take away religious liberty.
They did not want an established church that could force people to worship against their will or support it with private tax dollars.

Many say the founding fathers didn’t believe in God and weren’t Christian. They even go on to say that George Washington wasn’t a christian and never went to church and never prayed.

This is completely wrong. In the early days of the United States, the whole of society centered around the local church. Most of the early pioneers attended church regularly or semi-regularly. Practically all our early schools were church sponsored, thus the children’s education was based on religion, as was George Washington.

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