The Antidote for Modernism

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The antidote to Modernism is to develop a broad general knowledge of the past, not just the present. Because our current educational system now graduates students lacking even minimal historical knowledge, citizens are misled by outlandish charges Modernists make about not only Jefferson but also other Founders as well as traditionally venerated historical events. 

If rudimentary historical literacy is to be achieved today, it must be individually secured, for it is no longer possible to rely on public schools (and even many private schools) for this once elementary knowledge. Fortunately, Americans are now seeking to educate themselves about our own history and are even willing to pay to learn what used to be common at school.

Jefferson Lies.

The blogger has been a writer/photographer for over thirty years. Specializing in nature and landscape photography, as well as studying native cultures.


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To anyone who is paying attention, the world is changing and changing rapidly. Old values and traditions are falling as new ones take their place.

Without a doubt, many old customs need to fall by the wayside, however, we need to be careful and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Too many of the values that have supported and guided mankind throughout the ages are also being questioned and many times discarded like yesterday’s fish dinner.

There are certain universal truths that can never be discarded if mankind is to survive and evolved through the ages. The “Universal Truths” are set in stone and often referred to as God’s Laws”, or the Laws of Nature, or “Nature’s Laws”. These laws are based not only on common sense but on the laws of physics as well.

Most look upon God’s Laws as only those mentioned in the bible or some other spiritual text. The laws of nature refer to not only these laws but to all actions that determine and control all human life and endeavors. They refer to not only such teachings as the ten commandments and the golden rule, but to such things as the law of gravity and the laws of actions and consequences.

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