Thomas Jefferson Was Not a Secularist or an Atheist.

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Again, many of the things said about Thomas Jefferson just aren’t true.  Quoting from David Barton’s book, “Jefferson Lies” the truth be told.

Jefferson was not a secularist or an atheist. He believed that God intervened in the affairs of men and nations. He thus regularly prayed, believing that God would answer his prayers for his family, his country, the unity of the Christian church, and the end of slavery. And while he always called himself a Christian, he ended his life as a Christian Primitivist, being in personal disagreement with some historic tenets of orthodox Christianity while still holding fast to other traditionally sound beliefs. Yet throughout his long and winding spiritual journey there was never a time when he was anything other than pro-Jesus.

Jefferson was a complex person who lived a long and public life. It is possible to find (or concoct) isolated evidence that supports any of the falsehoods told about him by many modern scholars and popular authors, but a careful examination of the totality of Jefferson’s own words and deeds, along with other primary source evidence, definitely refutes modern lies about him. The reason that such an investigation became necessary is because of the general historical illiteracy that has engulfed the nation over the past half-century. 


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Congress wanted to show America’s appreciation for the opportunity to create a new government in peace and tranquility.

The founders did na lutheran church against a sunny blue sky.ot intend for God to be separate from our official acts. The founders just did not want a national denomination, such as in England.

They did not want an established church, an established church would take away religious liberty.
They did not want an established church that could force people to worship against their will or support it with private tax dollars.

Many say the founding fathers didn’t believe in God and weren’t Christian. They even go on to say that George Washington wasn’t a Christian and never went to church and never prayed.

This is completely wrong. In the early days of the United States, the whole of society centered around the local church. Most of the early pioneers attended church regularly or semi-regularly. Practically all our early schools were church sponsored, thus, the children’s education was based on religion, as was George Washington.

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