Thomas Jefferson Never Wrote a Bible

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Dispelling more rumors about the founding fathers and in particular, Thomas Jefferson, David Barton in his book;          Jefferson Lies explains: Jefferson did not write a Bible of any kind. He did create two religious works about Jesus that

Jefferson did not write a Bible of any kind. He did create two religious works about Jesus that were what he titled them. The first was an abridgment of the New Testament for the use of Indians and the second was a compilation of the moral teachings of Jesus for his own personal study. In both, he included multiple references to the metaphysical – that is, the supernatural and miraculous. Furthermore, Jefferson also owned a number of Bibles that he personally used and studied, was a member of the Virginia Bible Society, financially supported the printing of Bibles, and gave Bibles to younger family members. And the Bible was also used in educational institutions he helped start or direct, from Washington’s public schools to the University of Virginia.

In spite of all this and his personal beliefs, he never wrote a bible.


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We cannot keep teaching beliefs that are not based on solid time worn principles that have endured the test of time. The laws of Nature and/ or Nature’s God cannot be denied without serious consequences. They are unbending and unbreakable.

I believe there is some sort of “universal common sense”. In other words, events evolve according to a natural order, and certain rules apply that cannot be changed. These are God’s laws or the natural order of things. For example, if you live by a high set of moral standards, your life will naturally be better than if your life is filled with drugs, alcohol, and otherwise bad behavior. Develop a good financial plan and financial rewards will come to pass. Break these universal (God’s) laws and disaster will follow.

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