Cumberland Maryland

Cumberland was once known as “The Queen City of the Alleghenies”.
Surrounded by rolling hills, winding waterways and scenic mountains, it was once the second largest city in Maryland.

cumberland md

Cumberland’s economic prosperity has always centered around it  position as a transportation hub linking the east coast and the midwest and beyond. Because of it’s position near a gap in the mountains , it was the starting point for the nations first road, the National Highway, later designated as highway 40 which eventually stretched from sea to shining sea.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal also provide an important link to cities in the east.

Rich in history , the city played a vital role in the early days of our country. Later coal mining played a major role.

Today Cumberland is the commercial and rail road center of western Maryland, along with that the area is beginning to develop as a major tourist and recreation area because of it’s rich history and many natural resources.

Martinsburg roundhouse


Rich in heritage, Cumberland is home to many churches

Cumberland church
Centre Street United Methodist Church

Many service-related industries have emerged over the past 20 years,
particularly in the areas of tourism and entertainment, focusing around
Cumberland’s rich history, natural beauty, and cultural resources.

Even with the rapid growth of the service Industry, Cumberland still ranks near the bottom as one of the poorest communities in the nation.

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