The Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bomb Massacre has affected everyone,maybe even more
than the 9/11 terror attacks over New York and Washington D.C.

as 9/11 was, and it did affect everyone , not only in the United
States, but across the world as well. Possibly,  the  the impact of the
Boston bombings will overtime be greater.

9/11 attacks were particularly horrific, not only in the fact that over
three thousand people were killed and countless injured, but also
because this was the first time anyone had ever attempted anything that
approached  barbaric actions of this magnitude.

was probably no one in the civilized world who could ever imagine that
anyone could even think about doing something so cruel and heartless as
this action was. How could anyone conceive of committing this atrocity
and then commit suicide while performing the act of terror? I know, I
personally watched it over and over again, wondering if what I saw was
real and contemplating what sort of evil mind could possibly do such a
thing. It was the first time in my life I realized there was evil in the

Boston Marathon tragedy has changed people’s lives even more than 9/11,
this affects everyone. Even though 9/11 was horrific, this act brings
it home to  the average American. We all saw the footage from 9/11 and
were shaken up by it, and angered that someone could kill so many
innocent people and celebrate by dancing in the streets.

all of this ,unless you lived in the New York, Washington D.C. area,
the average American was unaffected on a personal level, most didn’t
personally know anyone who was killed in the senseless attacks.

time it is different, with twenty-six thousands participants in the
marathon, and probably twenty-five thousand from the United States,
almost everyone in the country knows someone, or knows someone who knows
someone who was there, or they live in a town where someone lives that
was there.

makes it personal. Besides , because it was the second such major
attack on our homeland, this brings it home to the small town
countryside. When a relative, or someone we know is involved, we take it
personal.This is when we want to do something about it, the emotion
will not die this time.

all at some point in life face a life or death situation, where in an
instant we could be gone. For some it could be an auto accident, an act
of violence such as a robbery or mugging, or an act of terror. It is
during these times , we suddenly realize what is important.

lives have changed, even more so than after 9/11.This affects everyone,
most of us knew someone who was there, someone who could have been
taken from us in an instant. We were all changed forever, the event
should tell us to never take life and our freedom for granted.

all we need to remember who did this horrible act , and do everything
we can so people like this never have a chance to do it again, and
remember, no one used a gun. It’s way past time to have a look at our
immigration procedures. Only allow people to come into this country who
would do us no harm and actually benefit our country with their talents
and abilities, too many come in with ulterior motives , many come on
student visas and never leave.

We need to stop letting people in because of who they may vote for or to provide cheap labor and thus deny our own people a job.

Above all we need to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights,
without those two documents we would never have the opportunity to
celebrate life as we know it in these United States.

I post regularly on Kindle.

What has your Government done for you?


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