Rebuilding America

years many conservatives, and even most in government have been browbeaten for their beliefs.Many are now
afraid to say anything because they think no one agrees with them, and
they fear being called an old foggie.

Many of the so called conservative politicians have become more concerned about keeping their cushy job than they are doing the right thing and standing up for what they believe. Hence,in many cases, we have no one to speak for us in Washington.

I’ve discovered that when I come in contact with someone I believe to
be conservative, if I open up first, they will then chime in and start
agreeing with me. Many times I can’t shut them up,I find  it has been many
years since they have stated their opinion for fear of reprisal.

have to get past the name calling and ignore it,when they call us names it is only because of their own insecurities.

 Stop worrying about
someone getting mad at you. I have people mad at me, and I wish they
weren’t , however, they will get over it. I have been upset before , and
I got over it.

remember some of my  ancestors,they didn’t much care if we agreed with
them or not, they stated their opinions and their word was final.

 I would rather have someone upset with me and possibly calling me names,  than  live in a country where I wasn’t free.

of us can’t individually change the whole world, we can only affect our
own circle of influence. In this way, it’s  like network
marketing, we get one and they get one,and so on, soon many people have joined us in our efforts.

There seems to be a trend where states and municipalities are starting
to fight back against the federal government. The people are finally getting
tired of being bullied by big brother.

 Our individual efforts and voices
are beginning to pay off. Maybe  in time through our individual efforts ,
we will reestablish a balance of power and bring freedom back to

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