Violence in America

of the nation,as well as the rest of the free world is alarmed about
all the recent school shootings. It seems there is another shooting
almost daily, either at a school, theater , or other public place.

common knee jerk reaction among bleeding heart politicians is to ban
firearms for the law abiding citizen. This is a reaction most non
thinking people would have, hence politicians cling on to it because it
is a knee jerk reaction and a highly charged emotional response, one
that will gather them a lot of votes. There are at least two things
wrong with this convoluted reasoning.

law abiding citizens don’t shoot defenseless people, and second
,criminals do what they do best, break laws. There isn’t a law that
criminals don’t like to break. Adding another unenforceable law isn’t
going to solve the problem.

situation we have gotten ourselves into has nothing to do with a gun,
or any other item that could be used as a weapon, such as a knife, a
car, or a rock. It goes much deeper than that. Most of the shooters were
on a prescribed drug such as Ritalin or Prozac. Maybe we should be
looking there.

I was growing up on a farm in the midwest, we always had guns stacked
in the corner of the kitchen and the ammunition was in the cabinet
drawer next to the door. It was constantly drilled into us to never
touch them and to have done so would have resulted in discipline I
didn’t want to encounter.

those days we had respect for our elders and enough common sense to not
go against their judgement, at least most of the time. We knew this was
an important issue and not to question their thinking.

those days no longer exist. Today, many people want to be their
children’s friend more so than their parent. In many homes discipline
has gone out the window. The TV and video games have replaced parents as
their role models. Many kids know more about a video game than they do
their parents expectations and beliefs.

no longer have a spiritual foundation. Church and God have been thrown
out with the week’s newspaper. As a result many have turned to
government for guidance and a savior, they believe government can and
will solve all their problems and as a result many don’t think they need
to be in charge of their own lives.

a result, good conduct and manners are ridiculed, people inside and
outside of government who try to do the right thing are ridiculed and
condemned for offering an opinion or suggestion.

this type of behavior from the so called mature adults in our kids
lives, how can we expect them to act as they should? They have no
guidance or expectations, as a result, they become depressed and without
a goal in life, thus they turn to violence to gain attention and

blame our government for all the dysfunctions of our society, it isn’t
the government’s fault, just as we can’t turn to them for guidance in
our daily lives, we can’t blame them when things don’t work out as they
should. We are the ones who elect them.

is up to us, the remaining Americans who still remember what good
values and judgement is. In the short term, the only action that will
stop or at least reduce public violence and the shootings is to have
armed teachers and law enforcement in our schools and public places.

will take many years for people to return to the values and instill in
our children the same moral codes and give them the reason for living
that we all grew up with. In the meantime all we seem to be able to do
is to protect us from the perpetrators and try to solve the real reason
for all this violence, a lack of a spiritual foundation in much of
society and it’s people.


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