Cabo San Lucas

Lying on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula on the west coast of Mexico is the beautiful resort city of Cabo San Lucas.

A popular vacation resort for many years, it’s first gained popularity due to the excellent fishing off the coast.

While still maintaining that reputation, in more recent years it has become a world renowned beach and cruise destination. With a large protected bay and beach , the water is always a welcome sight for it’s northern visitors.

Shopping abounds in the local town and many restaurants dot the area for your dining pleasure. A timeshare mecca, the areas offers everything a visitor could desire.

Due to the dry desert climate,the scenery is outstanding ,and a rainy day is a rarity. Cabo San Lucas is a premier vacation destination, either for a short stop on a cruise ship or if you have to time, spend a week in  the area.

Bring your camera, the climate,scenery and local  natives provide many photo opportunities for the camera bug.

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Sarah and the rabbit

Sarah and the

A man was speeding down a back country road,
when he saw a rabbit
hopping in the middle of the road. Although he tried to swerve and miss
it, he hit the rabbit squarely. Being a true animal lover, the man slammed
on his brakes, leapt from his car, and hurried to see if the rabbit was
alright. To his dismay he found the rabbit was dead.

As the man sorrowing over the rabbit’s limp body, he heard another
coming. The other car stopped and the driver emerged to see what was
going on. The other driver, Sarah, nudged the rabbit’s limp body
with her toe and remarked that it surely was dead.

The man once again expressed his grief over having killed the poor
innocent animal but the Sarah said not to worry. She ran to her car, dug
around inside, and returned with a spray can.

She sprayed the rabbit’s body and, sure enough, after a few minutes,
rabbit stirred, quiverred, and then rose to a crouching position. A moment
later the rabbit started down the road as if nothing had ever

However, every few feet the rabbit would turn and wave goodbye. The
was astounded! He snatched the spray can from Sarah to see just what
kind of magic she had done! The spray can bore the label:
Restores life to any dead limp hair and gives it a permanent

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Obama is The Symptom, Not the Problem

America’s Problem

There is no question, America today faces many problems and has
multiple challenges ahead of it.If the country is to maintain it’s
status as a free and independent nation, that honors free enterprise,
liberty and capitalism as it’s foundation it’s citizens must make some
changes in their thinking.

today blame President Obama for our present situation. While there
isn’t any question his political and social views and actions have been a
contributing factor in our current dilemma, he is only the symptom, not
the problem. Just like a boil or sore throat is a symptom of a deeper
hidden disease, so is Obama a symptom of the much larger problems
America has.

as Obama could never have gotten elected, or even been considered as a
viable candidate for President ten years ago, some of our most popular
presidents such as Reagan and Kennedy would never get elected in today’s

country has been on a decline for at least forty years, and the
beginning could even be traced further back to the days of Franklin
Roosevelt and his “New Deal”, which  ushered in socialism at it’s

decline began in earnest in the sixties during the Vietnam War, just
when America should have been enjoying the fruits of their labors, much
dissent began to arise. Many began protesting against the good life we
all were beginning to enjoy. The standard of living had been raised to
levels that couldn’t even have been imagined a few years earlier.

the time , I never understood what was happening , or why. In many ways
I still don’t completely understand it all. It’s almost as if humans
have a death or self destruct button.They seem to have a guilt complex
about having it too easy or life is too good. When life gets easy, many
seem to create conflict in their lives in order to have problems to
solve and keep their minds active.

the same time , there was a large decline in church membership and
attendance, people began to fall away from their core values. With
prosperity comes a belief in the superiority of the person and less of a
dependence and belief of a supreme being. In a sense the decline in
church membership and the protests were trying to tell us the same thing
we were losing our spiritual base. having prosperity wasn’t the issue,
losing our connection with our Supreme Being was.

a way the anti-establishment protesters were trying to tell us
something. Even though God and spirituality was the farthest things from
their minds, this was the underlying issue.

a short time after 9/11, we saw people return to God because many
thought their well being was threatened , but the fears soon subsided
and many returned to their old ways of self destruction.

in of itself is not evil, we are all entitled to all the good fortune
and prosperity we can muster up. That in itself is not wrong. But ,many
times, with it comes a feeling we no longer need God, or that God is a
hinderance to what we want,need or desire. Nothing could be farther from
the truth, all things come from a supreme being, or our connection to a
supreme power.

is clear that people who no longer belief in a supreme deity, put all
their faith in government. They start believing the politicians who
promise everything and deliver nothing but broken promises and
heartache. When government gives you something, it is taken away from
someone else. When we receive something from Divine source, it isn’t
taken from anyone, it comes from the unlimited supply of nature.

This is not how the universe works. We live in an unlimited universe,
we never run  out of things, there is plenty to furnish everyone their
wants , needs ,and desires.

biggest fears are that we will run  out of oil. This will not happen,
there are new discoveries and processes for recovering new resources
 being made daily. The politicians who say otherwise are being narrow
minded, unthinking and only wanting to control us by creating need ,a
need that simply  doesn’t exist.

doesn’t mean we should not practice good stewardship and conserve our
natural resources, that not only makes good sense,  it is economically
practical as well, I don’t know of any sensible person  who would not
 agree to that.

resources were put there by our creator to use, to not use them is
against all sense of good reasoning. If and when the resources would
begin to disappear, new discoveries would be made and alternate energy
sources would be found. We aren’t there yet, we don’t need to be there

as most have a misconceived notion about our energy needs, so they have
a misconceived idea concerning the principles of our country.

country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, our laws are based on
the ten commandments. Our founding fathers did have a belief in a
Supreme Being, Most were Christian and prayed long and often. That fact
doesn’t mean we should exclude anyone who is not christian, it just
means our country was founded on christian values.

You cannot justifiably say this isn’t true, it is true. These ideas and precepts have not become out of date and old fashioned.

have fallen away from the values that have served us well for over two
hundred years. We no longer elect people with strong convictions , the
people we do elect only are concerned about winning the next election,
not what is best for the country. Their votes on issues are constantly
being bought and sold to the highest bidder.

have become an entitlement society where many belief they are entitled
to everything everyone else has without having to work for it. People
who have worked hard all their lives to provide for their families are
being ridiculed by not only the ones who are too lazy to acquire
security and possessions on their own, but by politicians and the press
as well.

how do we as a country return to where we were? How can we reclaim our
heritage? How can we return to the road to prosperity, freedom and good
fortune? We cannot do it by blaming our politicians, we are the ones who
put them there. When politicians keep getting elected year after year,
regardless of what they have done or said, we have no one to blame but
ourselves. We have term limits, every four years. If elected politicians
don’t do their job, elect someone else.

isn’t supposed to be a popularity contest. Pay attention, most people
know more about the most recent American Idol winner than they do the
President of the United States, how do you expect to have a responsive
government when this is a fact?

have to return to the ways that got us here, establish a belief in your
God, one can only believe in three things, Your God ,yourself, and your
government, of the three , the only one who will let you down is your

To believe anything else is foolhardy and destructive.

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Sarah and the Mailbox

Sarah and the

Sarah went to her mail box several times
before it was even time for
the mailman to make his rounds.

A neighbor noticed her repeated trips to the curb and asked if she
waiting for a special delivery.

Her reply: “My computer keeps telling me I have

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Grenada: Island of Many Wonders

One of the many hidden surprises in the Caribbean, Grenada has much to captivate one when visiting there.

Harvesting Cinnamon

One of the nicest things about Grenada, at least for Americans is their extreme friendliness towards us. For anyone who can remember , their government was taken over by extremists in the 1980s. As a result their lives changed tremendously and many were forced to live as they had to , not as they wanted. Many were driven from professions they loved into less desirable and productive work.

The United States, under President Reagan, stepped in and helped return the country to normalcy, since then the Grenadians have enjoyed peace and relative prosperity.

One of the main exported  commodities of Grenada is it’s natural abundance of spices. Nutmeg, cocoa, and cinnamon being among them.

Drying Cocoa Beans

Parts of the island literally smell like a spice store and plantations abound where the crops are still harvested, much like they were years ago.

It is truly a pleasure to visit these farms and partake not only in the harvest, but having the opportunity to purchase the spices direct from the source.

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Sarah and the Final Exam

Sarah and the Final

Sarah reported for her university final
examination which consists
of “yes/no” type questions. She takes her seat in the examination hall,
stares at the question paper for five minutes, and then in a fit of
takes her purse out, removes a coin and starts tossing the coin and
marking the answer sheet “Yes” for Heads and “No” for

Within half an hour she is all done, whereas the rest of the class
is sweating
it out. During the last few minutes, she is seen desperately throwing the
coin, swearing and sweating.

The moderator, alarmed, approaches her and asks what is going on.
“I finished the exam in half an hour, but I’m rechecking the

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Sarah and the Dude Ranch

Sarah and the Dude

Sarah went to a “Dude Ranch” on vacation.
The cowboy
preparing the horses asked if she wanted a Western or
English saddle.

Sarah asked what the difference was.

“Well, one has a horn and the other doesn’t.”

“Just get the one without the horn. I don’t think we’ll run into
too much traffic out here.”

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