Your Life Plan: One Day at a Time

We all like to think we have our life under control and we know the
direction it will go. This can give a false sense of security to us as
life’s circumstances are not always what you may wish them to be. The
pattern of life does not always go in the direction you may want it to

I often say I had my whole life planned when I was twenty-one, and I
haven’t done any of it yet. This has been a good thing, my life has
turned out better than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. I
would have never visualized some of the things I have been fortunate
enough to experience. It hasn’t always been easy, and at the time, if I
thought I had a choice, I would have never chosen some of the events I
experienced. But looking back at the big picture I realize the good
times and the final outcome has far surpassed any trials I may have had
to endure.

Buddhist Proverb
There is an old proverb stating that a thing valued is worth enduring and
working for and this is true. The harder we strive to meet a goal and
the more effort we put towards achieving that goal , the more we value
it. I was told early in life that to work for something would make it
more important to me, and I soon found this was true. the people that
were handed everything on a sliver platter early in life never
appreciated them and in most cases either destroyed what was given them
or were extremely ungrateful. Most often they even resented the very
ones who were trying to pander to them.

You still see this today, many times, the individuals who are the most
privileged are the ones protesting against the society that has given
them so much.

Our life circumstances are never exactly as we would want them, but they
are as we need them. The pattern of life very seldom goes as we plan, if
it did , life would be very boring and predictable. Many times we may
think we are being lead off our life plan entirely.

In spite of all this, it is essential to have a plan, to not have a plan
is to wander aimlessly in life and accomplish very little. Instead of
wondering or questioning the direction you life has taken , just accept
the fact there is a plan and you may not know all the details, it is a
play as you go life, often times we need to complete one step before the
next step is revealed to us.

If we keep traveling in the correct direction , we eventually reach our
destination , often times the destination is far better than we could
humanly predict, and in the end we find that it isn’t the destination,
but the journey that is important.

Walk your path one step at a time – with courage, faith and determination.
Keep your head up, and cast your dreams to the stars. Soon your steps
will become firm and your footing will be solid again.A path that you
never imagined will become the most comfortable direction you could ever
hoped to follow.

Keep your belief in yourself and walk into your new journey. You will find
it magnificent, spectacular, and beyond your wildest imaginings.

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Gary has been a writer/ photographer for over 20 years, specializing in nature,landscapes and studying native cultures.Besides visiting most of the United States, he has traveled to such places as Egypt,the Canary Islands,much of the Caribbean. He has studied  the Mayan Cultures in Central America, and the Australian Aboriginal way of life.Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in many different parts of the world!

He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

For more information and a link to his hard cover and Ebooks,and contact information: please check his

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At this period of time in the history of man, there is probably more individual searching being done into the theories behind the origin of the human race,what happens after death,the possibility of life on other planets, and what our relationship is to these life forms, if they do exist. There are millions of people who are questioning the existence of God, who he really is, and what is my relationship with him? Is he someone who mysteriously floats around on a cloud watching and judging us from above like some bigger than life Santa Claus, or is he, like many of the esoteric sciences claim, a part of our inner Self, whom we have constant contact with, someone whom we and everything in the universe are connected and are thus one? Each of us in our own way is experiencing what God is, and thus we are each a part of God, thus we are God! This book is a brief account of my search for my own truth.

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