America’s Number One Beach

Written by : Gary Wonning
Located on the west central coast of Florida lies a pristine beach that has just recently been named America’s number one beach.

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Famous for its white quartz crystal sand this jewel is located in Sarasota Florida, just 65 miles south of Tampa International Airport. Due to the white quartz characteristic’s of the sand, it is never hot and can be walked on with bare feet, even during summer on the hottest days.

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A family beach, the atmosphere is conducive to families or couples who want to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. A nearby shaded picnic area and covered refreshment area adds to this friendly environment.

The beach is nearly four miles long from north to south making an enjoyable beach walk a necessity while enjoying the gentle rolling waves and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  The shallow waters makes for an enjoyable experience for young children are able to wade and splash without being exposed to high waves and riptides. The water often reaches 90 degrees in the summer so there will be no chattering teeth or blue  shivering toddlers.

There is reportedly  a vortex nearby at Point of Rocks for those bent on these activities and an interesting drumming circle is held every Sunday evening until well after the sun sets over the semitropical paradise, after which time dinner can be enjoyed at one of the local restaurants.

Whatever your interests, you will find something to entertain you on Siesta Key.

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Sunset on Siesta

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