Egypt: Alexandria

6 AM came really fast, a Continental breakfast and we were on our way to the sea side city of Alexandria, Egypt. With only 3 hours sleep, I don’t think I am ready for this. It had better be good!

Your favorite EGYPTIAN store

A couple hours into the trip, we stopped at an Egyptian TRUCK STOP for a rest break, boy can I use rest. Using the facilities sounded like a really good idea, with a coffee and donuts in hand I realized we were across the road from a military installation. Hey I can get some really good photos, grabbing my camera I headed across the road, as I proceeded to take a photo several heavily armed Egyptian Army soldiers suddenly appeared shouting, “No Photo”! Guess this isn’t a Kodak moment, back to the bus.

;We arrived at our hotel in Alexandria about 3 PM had a nice  lunch in the hotel restaurant and visited an aquarium where the admission charge was $.01. Back to the hotel to freshen up and go out on the town for the evening. Having a little time before the appointed meeting time, I took a photo of the gorgeous sunset , stretched out  on the bed  for a nap and
woke up in time for breakfast the next morning.

Before leaving Alexandria, we visited the Greco-Roman museum and the Roman amphitheater. The traffic is really horrible in Egypt, most of the time is spent sitting in traffic, so after a delicious shrimp and seafood lunch it was time to head back to Cairo. Suddenly the bus was pulling into a car wash, what’s this all about. Seems as though one of the passengers had commented on how dirty the bus was due to the dusty, windy conditions in Egypt, he was only kidding meaning, no malice. However the bus driver in the fashion of most of the Egyptians we met, were extremely concerned about pleasing their guests, took him seriously and decided to wash the bus. Much laughter followed as  the driver took some good natured kidding.

Our journey was coming to an end. The next day would be spent revisiting the Cairo Museum the Citadel, and a last minute stop at the Cairo Marriott, a refurbished palace. The final evening was spent shopping at the Bazaar, a large flea market type  shopping area in Cairo. We were told many times not to give the kids any money as they would skip school to go begging on the streets. The final night there , I felt a tug at my elbow, there stood a little boy who had rubbed fresh dirt on his face to make him look poor with his hand outstretched asking for money. I thought , what the heck and gave him a quarter, soon there were a dozen kids standing behind me with all their hands outstretched. Lesson learned.

The next morning , it was up at 4:30 to catch our 8:30 flight. The airport was a mad house, security was interesting, a security guard stopped me to check me with a hand held device. I had put my camera film in  my coat pocket to avoid the x-ray machines, when the device reached that pocket, it went off. I attempted to pull my hand out of my pocket to show the guard what I had. He held up his hand, shouting ,”No,No” and turned and left. Guess he thought I had a gun.

Arriving back in Cincinnati about 9:30 that evening the adventure was over. It had been a great adventure,I’ll never forget the sights and scenes of Egypt , and especially the warmth and hospitality of the Egyptian people.

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