Egypt : New Year’s Eve in Cairo

Egypt: New Year’s Eve in Cairo

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It was party time on the train back to Cairo, we had met up with some Brits in the lounge car and as a result, our bunk didn’t get much use that night.

The sun was just rising as we approached the train station in Giza New Year’s Eve morning.This would be a perfect time to visit the Giant Pyramid of Cheops well ahead  the thundering crowds that soon would arrive on this holiday week-end. Before entering the pyramid another treat awaited us, we drove west of the pyramids for a front row seat to witness the sun rising and seeing the pyramids at first light.

Back at the pyramid, the crowds were small, so we immediately entered the pyramid from the one and only north entrance. As we made our way up the dimly lit interior of the giant monument it was quite impressive, walking through the narrow corridor, one could only wonder how the ancients were able to construct such an edifice. Slowly walking upward, our final destination was to be the King’s Chamber. Entering through a small entry way, I got my first glimpse of the burial vault or sarcophagus.

Located in the upper third of the pyramid it is hard to imagine how the workmen were able to get these huge stones this high up, the stone over the King’s Chamber is larger than a train locomotive. The chamber itself must be about 20 wide, long, and high, the walls are fashioned out of polished granite. Looking around I spotted two air chambers on opposite sides of the room and the sarcophagus sitting on one side. People were peering in when I suddenly heard a gasp. Someone had lain down in the vault for a photo op and just as a lady peered over the side, he raised up, it got a chuckle out of everyone.

King Cheops boat is displayed in an adjacent building ,while along side the buildings is what looks like left over ruble from the building of the pyramids. Leaving the pyramid complex we drove by and stopped for a minute at the Sphinx and then on the the Cairo Museum.

This was to be our second visit to the Cairo museum, one could spend a week here and not see everything. There are thousands of artifacts in the basement that haven’t even been categorized yet. Many, many items from the ancient culture of Egypt are on display, including much from the dynasty of the boy king, King Tut.

New Year’s Eve in Cairo, it doesn’t get any better than that. The party at the hotel swimming pool was to begin at 9, so as we had been in Egypt for a week, we knew they really meant 10. It was beautiful a H shaped pool covered with your standard middle eastern garb and candles floating in the pool.Hoping to eat soon, we sat down and ordered a Stella, the Egyptian beer.
The party began, first song played was the “Peppermint Twist” with much American music to follow, as the evening went on, music was played from all over the world, it was interesting watching belly dancers dance to the twist.We continued to party, getting thirstier and hungrier , midnight came and went, still no food or beer.

Finally at about 1 Am our beer arrived, we immediately ordered two more apiece and offered to pay for the first round, she said she would be back, never saw her again, with the beer or a bill. After a scrumptious buffet meal at 2 AM, it was off to our room, we had to catch a 6 AM bus  to Alexandria.

The adventure continues in my next post!

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