Egypt: Luxor and Karnak

Luxor and Karnak

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Arriving in Luxor by overnight  train from Giza, our first stop was the Winter Palace to have  breakfast. It was then we found out we had no  accommodations for the evening. The new Sheraton that was to be our home was not yet finished. It took some convincing, but
we finally decided our luggage would be safe in the hotel lobby while we spent the day sightseeing.

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So it was off on a horse drawn carriage to Karnak. This ancient temple is over a half mile wide and over 3 miles long ,it is so massive, it took several Pharaohs years to complete. We spent the morning enjoying this magnificent structure, with a promise to return to the light show after dark.

With a short break for  lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Nile River and the Valley of the dead, it was off to enjoy all that Luxor had to offer. we returned to the Winter Palace just in time for dinner. Miraculously, our luggage was still there, but our room wasn’t. It was
brought to our attention the manager of the Winter Palace had a  10 room house across the Nile where a few of us could spend the night, visions of butlers and crystal chandeliers crossed our minds as we accepted the offer. We felt privileged to have been the chosen ones. We found out later that some were put up in an abandoned house that had been repainted just that day. They had to literally carry the parts to their bed inside and make it themselves.
Since we hadn’t showered or shaved in two days, a major clean up was in order. Our host took us to another motel and checked us in for an
hour,boys in one room girls in the other. I was about 5th in line for a shower, only problem was , the drain didn’t work and there was no shower
curtain, the water was spraying all over the bathroom, and the dirty water was flowing over the lip of the shower stall and was running into
the bed room. I figured my feet would rot off at any time. Oh well at least I’m clean, I think.

Off to  the Karnak light show, riding in a bus , the driver could only turn his lights on when meeting another vehicle, if someone is in the middle of
the road, the horn was blown.No horn button, the horn wire was touched to the steering column thus creating a connection which would blow the horn. We only hit one person on the way, and that was a glancing blow. So all in all it was a good trip.

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Stayed tuned, I will continue my adventure with my next post.

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