Government Programs; Why They Must End

Government Programs, Why They Must End.

It is way past time to put an end to unnecessary government programs, and when I say all unnecessary government programs I mean almost all of them. I suppose there are a few that are necessary and useful but very few. Most of them only cause people to become dependent on government and then when they become insolvent and unmanageable, people are left high and dry without a way to support themselves and their families.

The first waste of taxpayers money I was familiar with was the soil bank that became popular in the 1950s. I was really young at the time, but even then I could see it would only lead to waste , abuse and fraud. Sure enough it did, most farmers who took advantage of it were farmers who only farmed part time, they had jobs in town. What the soil bank did was enable them to place their land in a government program, work more hours in town and thus make money off the back of the tax payers. Most of the land that was placed in the program, was unproductive or at least less productive than the land that was kept out of the program.

Although not a program as such, it is still another prime example of government waste and inefficiency. the Post Office loses billions of dollars each and every year. So how do they do this, one reason could be they give you a box to ship your merchandise in, that box probably costs them at least a dollar. On top of that , you can ship up to 70 pounds in that box for a low rate of about ten dollars. No way is that a money maker, you don’t see UPS or Fed-Ex doing  it that cheaply. UPS and Fed-Ex have to show a profit or go out of business. The post office keeps it’s parcel post rates unreasonably low to try and capture market share from private companies and by raising the first class rates every year or so. In the first class market there is no competition, it is illegal to compete with the post office in this area.

The post office probably gives away 4 or 5 billion boxes a year. If they would just quit giving away free boxes, they might be able to show a profit, and save the taxpayers a ton of money and eliminate the funding of competition of private business. Under this system the  employees of UPS and Fed-Ex are supporting their competition with their tax dollars. What a deal!

I could state many more instances of the same abuse of  taxpayer funded handouts. The only result of government subsidies is it makes every one dependent on government.

 In most northern states it is illegal to put a salt block or food  out for deer, as they become dependent on the salt block or food, then when the food is gone the deer can starve.

The same goes for depending on the government, people become dependent on the free stuff , not only that, but the government then has to turn around and subsidize someone else because they can’t  make it. It’s hard to compete when your competition is getting  subsidies.
I think it should be illegal to make people dependent on the government, it totally destroys self reliance and self esteem.

Our country was  founded on the ideals of free enterprise, capitalism, and free will, not socialism where one can supposedly depend on government for everything.

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