Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the River and through the Woods

A Thanksgiving Journey

What has become of our traditions ?  I can remember the days when families would get together and celebrate Thanksgiving eating until they almost burst. We looked forward to the holidays for months, patiently waiting and hoping every one in the family would be able to attend.

There were no arguments, just good discussion on everything from politics to religion . Everyone’s opinion was respected and no one even considered insulting someone in the family. Just good natured ribbing.

I needed a battery for my cordless mouse this Thanksgiving morning, needing to get some exercise, I decided to see if there was a slim chance Wal-Mart would be open. Approaching Wal-Mart I noticed the parking lot was full of cars and I should have no problem getting my battery and returning home. Then it hit me, What is going on in our country?

Since when do we need to go to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving, or Easter, or any other holiday for that matter? Whatever happened to the days when families actually celebrated the holidays? Stores don’t need to be open on the holidays, if Wal-Mart wasn’t open today, I would just buy the battery tomorrow. I remember the days when there weren’t any stores open on Sunday, let alone a holiday, it wasn’t even considered. It was almost sacrilegious to even think about shopping on Sunday. Sunday was reserved for church and family life.

I grew up on a dairy farm, so there was work to do regardless of the day of the week, however only the necessary duties were performed, if other work needed to be done, such as baling hay, it was only done under extremely necessary circumstances. Family life was the priority.

My how times have changed, now family life, in a lot of cases has a low priority, often shoved  behind less important functions. Many in the younger generation no longer want to participate in family functions. They consider it more important to hang out with their friends.

To many, Sundays and holidays mean nothing any more, it’s just another day of the week.

When did we go from patriots marching half naked with no shoes down ice covered New Jersey roads, soldiers surviving a brutal winter at Valley Forge, or marching across France and Germany to free holocaust victims to today where ordinary citizens are subjected to humiliating body scans at airports?

Something is definitely wrong.

Think I’ll buy my battery tomorrow.

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