Love for Others

Love for others

As we travel through life ,  change is inevitable. As we approach certain milestones in life it is only natural  to have our thoughts and values evolve into something new .

Marriage, having children , the death of a parent or loved one , as well attaining the age of 30 , middle age, or reaching what some regard as retirement age, these milestones all normally bring on new realizations concerning the meaning of life and our relationship with others.

Not only do we change, but the people around us change as well , not only because of their new realizations, but as a result of our new attitudes and how they adapt to them.

Through all of this , how do we continue to love them as we did before?

We can only accept them as they are, and allow them to be themselves. We don’t have the ability or right to make them into something they aren’t. They can only learn these life lessons for themselves, no one can do it for them. As one travels through life, we drop old patterns , habits, and wants.  We become someone else, not only do the cells in our body completely  replenish every seven years, our whole persona  undergoes a transformation.

If they can’t, or we can’t relate to their/our  new life pattern, or if the purpose for us being together vanishes, they too will vanish from our lives. Oftentimes they will develop what we would consider destructive patterns, this is an indication to us it is time to move on.

 One has to love himself enough to not be brought down by what we consider self-destructive people, if we don’t , we will keep attracting that sort of personality until we are brought down. They are simply on a different life path than we are, all paths are valid, and one path isn’t better or worse than another, just different. All paths have the same destination so we will meet up again, when our spiritual paths again cross and are compatible.

 The best thing to do is understand that they are on their own journey ,it isn’t either good or bad, it is only different than ours, give them our love and understanding and let them go on their way.

The lessons for this relationship have been learned and it is time to move on to bigger and different adventures . As this  is understood, many positive events begin to occur. Starting on a subconsciousness level, our life situation changes, souls who we are more compatible with begin entering our life, creating a more positive environment in which we can learn,love, and prosper.

Thus by loving others unconditionally, letting them evolve at their own pace, our own lives become richer, fuller, and more prosperous.

I would welcome any thoughts or comments you would have.



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