Manifesting Your Reality

Manifesting Your Reality

It is often asked, ” How do I manifest my reality inĀ  a positive way?”

Again, the right attitude and supplying strength to one’s faith, not your fears is the only way. When an individual concentrates on his or her fears, guess what? That is what manifests in our lives. The universe always gives us what we most focus on. If you are continuously focused on something you fear, that is what you will experience.

In the financial realm of life, are you not experiencing prosperity? You have to ask yourself , “Why?” Do you not believe you are worthy of prosperity? Do you fear some negative impact in your life if you suddenly become wealthy? Are you afraid you will have no purpose in life if all your financial problems disappear? Are you afraid your friends or family will no longer like you, or they will continually be asking you for assistance and thus ruin a good friendship?

Do you love yourself enough to be entitled to all the luxuries of life ? Sometimes we humans fear success more than we do failure, there is a fear that God won’t like us as much if we become prosperous, and we begin to feel as if we are depriving someone else if we embellish too much prosperity. Nothing could be farther from the truth, God wants us to be prosperous and healthy. That is our life plan, also we live in a limitless universe , there is more than enough for everyone. It is impossible to run out of anything, natural resources, money, or anything else we can imagine. Jesus fed 5000 people with a loaf of bread and a jug of water. What he did , we can do also!

Whatever we need ,we will manifest. If you think you need to endure hardship to enter the kingdom of heaven, that is what you will manifest. If you truly believe you are worthy, you will enter the kingdom of heaven right here on good old planet earth.

Do you want to create a better, more fulfilling life? The time to begin is now. In your affirmations,prayers, or thoughts, whatever you prefer to call them, let go of the fear and focus on what you desire, life doesn’t make mistakes, everything you receive is for your highest good. Don’t limit yourself by being too specific , allow the Divine Intelligence, or God to guide you and help you make the right decisions . Many times the universe has something in store for us that surpasses our wildest dreams, all we need to do is let it in.

If you have an unknown fear that is holding you back, you may need to reach back into your child hood and realize what is delaying your outcome. If you had or know someone who had a relationship or belief that you latched onto, whether that belief is true or not, doesn’t matter, you accepted it as true. Go back and deprogram yourself so you can now realize that anything is possible, just because someone else , or we, experienced a so-called negative experience in the past ,it doesn’t matter, that has no effect whatsoever on your future.

Develop the belief that you deserve a better life, as your inner strength grows, financial rewards, strong personal relationships and all all the other benefits of a successful life will be attracted to you like a magnet.

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