Trust Yourself


Trust Yourself

There is an old country song”Looking for Love in all the wrong places”. This pretty much exemplifies how people look for happiness. The problem is, most people also look for happiness in all the wrong places.

While it can’t be denied , some people in our lives will make us happier than others,however  that being said, no one can make us happy. We have to be content with ourselves and our life before anyone can satisfy  our dreams.

You have created everything in your life, you are far more powerful than you realize.The events in your life are a direct result of your thinking in the past. Once you realize this and take responsibility for it , you can choose to take your life in any direction you want.

The first step is to  to look deep inside yourself to determine what true happiness is for you. We have the power to choose, people, events, situations outside yourself, these choices will all effect your happiness, but only you can make the decisions to make  yourself happy.

You may try to find all kinds of things outside yourself that will reassure you that you are happy – or keep unhappiness at bay. But even with the most meaningful of your successes , If there is no spiritual base , happiness will be shallow and short lived.

Even though a person may reach much success in life, be it in love, family, friends,wealth there comes a time when it is asked, “Is this all there is?”

Hence we come to “Inner Trust” or trusting your higher self to know what is the best course of action to follow. Inner trust means to follow our instincts, or the voice of God, however you want to phrase it. This makes all the difference in the world, when one learns to not take the things we see in the material world at face value and to begin trusting your inner knowledge, or that God within, will life begin to become happier and more prosperous in all ways imaginable.

If your life isn’t going in the direction you would desire, you and only you can change it,you have unlimited potential, limited only by your desire. Based on your thoughts and feelings, your energy fields constantly change, thereby attracting the things, people and circumstances to you that resonate in the same energy frequency as yours. When people who were at one time attracted to each other no longer have a desire to be together, this is why,one or both have changed their vibrational rate and like a positive and negative magnet, they no longer are attracted to each other.

This is a natural occurrence and to attract the people into your life is not something you try to do, just meditate on what you really want,put it out there with the stipulation that is what you want or something better for the highest good of all concerned, and wait for the universe to present the opportunity to you. Then is the time to act on it. We all have free will so we are always attracting someone or something into our lives, when they come into our lives, it is then we have the choice to accept or reject that destiny, learn from it, and retrain our thoughts to be more in line with what we really want.

All that we are is the result

of what we have thought.


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