Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Unless you are an American Indian , we all came from somewhere else and are thus immigrants. (Even they originally came from somewhere else.)

The difference is, when most of our ancestors  came here from other countries, they endured many hardships, often coming over from Europe and other lands on overcrowded boats, living in squander.

Upon arriving in America, they were grateful to have the opportunity to start a new life, free from tyranny and persecution. Many cleared forest land with nothing but a dull ax, planting crops between stumps until the stumps could be removed. They asked for nothing from the government and would have been insulted if any aid had been given to them.

They endured severe weather, attacks from Indians and many other hardships. neighbor helped neighbor, as they settled in communities and adapted to life in their new world. They adopted to American customs, learned English, went to school and church and were a benefit to society.

My, how times have changed, now far too many  immigrants sneak into our country, bringing drugs and crime with them. If they were coming for the right reasons, why would they have to sneak in?

They come here not to start a new life and contribute to society, but in many cases reap the rewards our land has to offer. No longer do the majority come to blend in, now they come to bring their customs with them, the customs that destroyed their way of life in their home land. They come to receive a handout, and when it is given , they become angry with America for not giving them more. Instead of working their way up the economic ladder, they want everything given to them , they are entitled to it is their way of thinking. They don’t realize how long and hard people have worked to gain the standard of living they have. No doubt not all immigrants who come here fit this profile, but it has become apparent that way too many do.

Many times the first generation immigrants come here and work hard to give their children a better life than was available in their native land. Their children in turn lose all appreciation of what they have , become bitter and join gangs, thereby contributing to violence. This leads me to believe there is something wrong with our educational system, they aren’t being taught good values and traditions , if the schools and other institutions were doing their job, they would  be better citizens.

Americans have spilled much blood and endured many hardships to enjoy the life we have. Most Americans appreciate how fortunate we are as a nation  and are more than willing to share it with the world. However people coming to this country have to realize there is a price to be paid for freedom and economic opportunity.

If the illegal immigrants spent as much time and energy improving their own country as thhey do tearing down ours,They would enjoy the same benefits they do here and improve their county at the same time.

It is time for everyone , including the immigrants who migrate here legally to stand up and support immigration laws that stop the influx of illegal immigrants who not only break the law by coming here in the first place, but continue to be a drag on our society after they arrive.

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