Australia: Camping in the Outback

              Australia: Camping in the Outback

           Australian Walkabout; Camping in the Outback

Laura Campground-1

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Our fifth night out from Alice Springs found us in this campground on the Alligator River , just a short drive from Darwin. We had been in the Australian outback for almost a month and over half that time we had spent camping on the ground, just like in the photo. As much as we were ready to sleep in a bed, the last month had been quite an adventure, our own walkabout. While in this campground, a peacock had wandered through the swags(sleeping bags) at dawn, what a sight! During that month I had learned many interesting facts about Australia, it would stay with me a lifetime.

Aboriginal Walkabout

Gary is a travel writer and photographer living in Sarasota, Florida. He has a website featuring  more photos and articles and also has published a book featuring the lives of the Australian aborigine

Laura Campground-1

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