Australia: Broke down in the Kakadu WWF

       Australia: A Kakadu Adventure

      Heading for Cooinda in Kakadu WWF


broke down

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The hot Australian sun was setting as we sped towards our campground at Cooinda, located in Kakadu WWF in Australia’s Northern Territory. Still miles away from our destination, I suddenly caught the smell of burning metal. This is not a good sign when miles away from anything in the middle of the outback. Pulling over to the side of the dirt road, our driver seemed unconcerned,”Just get out of the bus, have a beer and take some photos and we will be on our way soon.” Was his comment.
Thinking the bus would never run again, I departed. Sure enough in about 20 minutes the bus started and we were on our way.
Knowing we still had two days left on our trip, I asked if another bus was coming to pick us up. He replied that it was, however no bus ever arrived.
Believe it or not the bus ran for 2 more days, long enough to get us to our hotel. However the engine blew  5 minuets later , never to be operational again. So it is with aboriginal folk lore.

Gary is a travel writer and photographer living in Sarasota,Florida. He has a website featuring  more photos and articles and also has published a book featuring his experiences in the out back.

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