Oasis of the Sea, Royal Caribbean’s New Ship

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You’ve just got to see it. Oasis of the Sea, scheduled to enter  Royal Caribbeans  fleet in December 2009  is being designed especially for group cruisers .

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The Oasis will be the largest cruise ship on the seven seas. With 2700 cabins, the ship will boast of a passenger capacity of 5400, based  on double occupancy! On a larger ship there is normally a wider selection of cabins in different price ranges. No matter if one desires an interior stateroom, an ocean view, or balcony, with this large selection, it is likely everyone can find something they can afford and enjoy. With a surplus of staterooms that overlook interior public places like Central Park, the Promenade Deck or the outdoor Boardwalk, it takes people watching to a whole new level!


Anyone who has sailed Royal Caribbean’s Voyager or Freedom class ships, you know the Promenade Deck is a favorite meeting spot for friends. This ship adds two more areas, Central Park, which reveal a more subdued gathering spot with spa like colors and cozy spaces adorned with many plants, trees, and flowers and The Boardwalk.

Many features make The Promenade Deck  a really great place to hang out, either at the coffee shop, ice cream shop, or any of the lounges or restaurants. A new wonderful addition to the Promenade Deck is the Rising Tide Bar – a high-tech
water feature where the bar rises up on a plume of water from the Promenade Deck to Central Park (three stories up).

Let Them Eat (Gourmet) Cake this Valentine’s!

One of the neatest additions to the standard entertainment choices is an outdoor amphitheater called the AquaTheater.The large freshwater pool, (15X21)  with a depth of 17 feet is utilized by day for swimming enjoyment. At night, the area is transformed  into a theater with a water and light show, complete with trapeze artists and  aquatic performers! to make the entertainment complete, large cameras have been installed under water  and  video is projected onto large screens  poolside!

With a ship this size, there  are many amenities not available on smaller ships. This leaves many choices for groups normally not available, more choices for dining, lodging, and various activities. All this makes the Oasis of the Sea an ideal choice for a group of any size!
Royal Caribbean will begin taking bookings in September 2008, with the inaugural sailing set for December 12, 2009.

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He has studied the Mayan culture of Central America as well as the aborigines of Australia. Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in various parts of the world.

He has published several books about his adventures.

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