Democrats, Party of Minorities?

Information relayed from Wikipedia

After reconstruction,
white-elite Democrats wrestled for power until they regained it in
1877, partly through violent paramilitary tactics targeting freedmen
and allies to reduce their voting. From 1885 to 1889, the state
legislature passed statutes with provisions to reduce voting by blacks
and poor whites, which had threatened white Democratic power with a
populist coalition. As these groups were stripped from voter rolls,
white Democrats established power in a one-party state, as happened
across the South. In 1900 African Americans comprised 44% of the
state’s population, the same proportion as before the Civil War, but
they were effectively disfranchised. From 1877 to 1948, Florida voted
for the Democratic candidate for president in every election except for
the 1928 election.

In response to segregation, disfranchisement and agricultural
depression, many African Americans migrated from Florida to northern
cities in the Great Migration,
in waves from 1910-1940, and again starting in the later 1940s. They
moved for jobs, better education for their children and the chance to
vote and participate in society. Given migration of other groups into
Florida (as noted in other sections of this article), by 1960 the
proportion of African Americans in the state had declined to 18%.

From 1952 through 2004, despite having a majority of registered
Democrats, the state voted for the Republican presidential candidate in
every election except for the 1964, 1976, and 1996 elections. The first post-reconstruction Republican congressional representative was elected in 1954. The state’s first post-reconstruction Republican senator was elected in 1968, two years after the first post-reconstruction Republican governor.

After all this and the 2000 Florida elections when the Democrats had so many problems voting, (the only districts that were contested were Democratic districts), millions were spent educating voters on how to vote, The rest of the state had no problem!)
They tried to blame Republicans, they tried to keep the overseas military, (the very people who protect our Freedoms) from voting, the only reason being was that the military generally votes conservative.

The Civil Rights act of the mid 60s would have never been passed if it hadn’t been for Republicans, the southern Democrats would have never voted for it.
They continually play the race card, and the victim card, they want to keep as many people under their thumb and control as possible. People that are dependent on government for a paycheck are going to support whatever handout they are offered.

When you really do some research, one finds they don’t really look after minorities and the downtrodden, they just want to make victims of them, keep them dependent on the government. They do nothing to lift anyone up to make them self sufficient. The message they portray is one of negativity and dependence.

 Self sufficiency come from with-in, not some government agency.

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