Generosity: Access to an Abundance Mentality

How does generosity impact our ability to fully
experience living life from an abundance
mentality?  Can knowing this allow us to fully
receive all the wealth possible for us?

Generosity is expressed many different ways and
each of those ways usually has something to do
with us giving something of ourselves –  whether
it is money, time, compassion, etc. – and
expecting nothing  in return. True generosity is
giving freely both to ourselves and to  others
and is one of the best ways to cultivate an
abundance mentality.

One way of looking at this is that generosity is
really a two way street. Being able to be
generous with yourself is just as important as
being  generous with those around you. If most
people are happy to give to  others yet reluctant
to receive, it creates an imbalance that can
block  the flow of abundance.

Many people are willing to give to others freely
but when offered the same thing, they deflect it.
For example, has someone ever paid you  a
compliment only to have you brush it off by
saying something like  “Oh, it was nothing”, or
“It was only because of my great team.” or  some
similar statement?

Ask yourself this question…how can I expect to
receive a million dollars in revenue from my
business or experience the love of my  life if I
am unable to even accept a compliment?

This brings to mind a client who had suffered a
very traumatic experience with her family a
number of years ago. As a result of her
experience, she cut herself off from everyone,
and felt totally alone.  Even people close to her
were afraid to help her or even acknowledge  what
had happened. She lived this way for seventeen
years – alone,  isolated, and suffering.

One week I gave her an assignment to go out and
ask someone to acknowledge her for anything she
wanted to be acknowledged for. A week later, she
had still not done the assignment, a clear sign
that  this was an area of resistance for her.  I
told her to repeat the  assignment, this time
asking three people to acknowledge her.  Her
reaction to this was sheer terror, but
understanding that what  we resist will persist,
she took the coaching and did the assignment.

The next time we talked, her whole world had
shifted.  She had done the assignment and asked
three people to acknowledge her. She  actually
saw that people had wanted to help her for the
last seventeen  years but didn’t know what she
needed because she never asked for  help. She had
been stuck in a limiting belief that ‘It’s not
polite to ask’  and that she should wait until
it’s offered. She realized that she had  never
been taught how to ask for what she wanted and
was blocking  herself from the abundance of help
and support that had been there all along.

Sometimes, all that is required for us to attain
that which we most desire is to get that extra
push and encouragement from a coach, someone who
is there on our behalf, looking out for our best
interests. Once my client  was able to break
through her resistance, she was able to ask for
what  she wanted – a truly generous act – and was
then able to be a part of  the flow of wealth and
abundance that is available to us all.

Today’s Insight was provided by Alan Ray, Wealth
Beyond Reason Mastery Coach.

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