Vevay, Switzerland County ,Indiana

Nestled in the gently rolling hills of Southern Indiana lies Vevay Indiana.
A small town of 1700 residents , it was founded in 1802 by Swiss immigrants intent on cultivating grapes and producing wine.  Thus it earned the reputation of being home to the first commercially produced winery in the United States.

To commemorate it’s historic past, Vevay holds an annual celebration, The Swiss Wine Festival, normally beginning on Thursday of the last week-end in August. In earlier days the only attractions were the grape stomping contests and the wine garden, from there it has grown over the last forty years to include such activities as ferry rides on the Ohio River,amusement rides, beauty pageants, car shows,musical performances, and cheerleading competitions.

Activities also include shopping booths and fireworks over the Ohio River on Saturday night.
In 1814,when Switzerland County was established, Vevay became the county seat. From that time growth has been slow due to its location, not being near anywhere the area has retained the charm and friendliness of a small town. The kind of town where everyone knows everyone, where people speak and wave to one another, where everyone is a neighbor and a friend.

There has been a resurgence of the grape industry, making it and the growing of tobacco the two main crops in this tiny county.
The country side is dotted with small villages with colorful names such as Bear Branch, Quercus Groove, Lamb, Patriot, Farmer’s Retreat, Pleasant, China, Canaan, Mount Sterling, Aberdeen,Center Square,Long Run, and Braytown.
Equally unique are the roads with such names as Red Hog Pike, Mexico Ridge, Lost Fork, Dry Creek, Fishing Worm Ridge, Splinter Ridge,Doe Run, Tater Bug Rd, Taxidermy Rd, Patton Hollow, Half and Half Rd. , Hard Scrabble Rd, Log Lick Rd, Goose Creek Rd, Eagle Hollow Rd, and Bear Branch Rd.

This tiny corner of Indiana deserves a visit, especially in the fall when the autumn leaves are displaying their many colors, Don’t forget to stop at the Swiss Inn located in downtown Vevay and enjoy one of their signature pieces of pie!

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He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

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