Living in Sarasota, Florida

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Having lived and traveled in many parts of the country, it would be hard to narrow down why I like living in Sarasota, Florida. There are so many reasons, but the number one reason, being it is now January, It’s 70 degrees out there! I left my snow shovel, boots and parka in Indiana!

Sarasota is located on the Suncoast about 60 miles south of Tampa Florida. With the completion of I-75, many midwesterners settled here as it was an easy drive from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

Having lived in the mid west most of my life, I can really appreciate leaving the house this time of year in shorts and a tee shirt!

Sarasota has a lot going for it, Siesta Key, one of the finest beaches in the world, superb dining, if desired one could dine somewhere different every night of their life and never be in the same restaurant twice!

Adding to Siesta Key, several more beaches, Longboat Key, Casey Key, Lido Beach, Bradenton Beach, and numerous others add to the beach hopping opportunities!

Most of the housing in the area are either single family homes or condos, thereby offering the opportunity for families to rent homes for the winter. (Southern Sports LLC)

Even though the Ritz- Carlton has property in Sarasota, along with a few other chains, there really isn’t much hotel room available, making it nearly impossible for us to be invaded by the spring break crowd every year.

Numerous social and civic activities abound, nearly every club and organization in America has a facility in Sarasota. Sahib Temple, the local Shrine Center, has a membership of nearly 2000 and is featured as one of the most active Shrine Centers in Shrinedom,all Shriners are invited to attend the Thursday luncheon attended by approximately 200 Shriners.

Golf courses abound and the area is home to numerous Baseball teams during spring training.

Shopping malls and art galleries abound, as well as theater and museums.

If one has a need to get away for the week-end, Sarasota International Airport and I-75 offer that choice.

Sarasota has become the center of life in southwest Florida, making it the premier retirement location in Florida.


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