Epcot ,Walt Disney World

The name Epcot derives from the acronym EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), a Utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney (he sometimes used the word “City” instead of “Community” when expanding the acronym).

Walt Disney’s  original version of Epcot would have been a model community, living in rented homes and it would have been a test bed for city planning and organization. transportation would have been on monorails and people movers. Automobile traffic would have been underground, keeping pedestrians safe.

This vision never came about as Walt had to build the Magic Kingdom before he could obtain funding for Epcot.
In consequence, Walt passed away before his dream was realized.

Epcot today is an amusement park that has something for everyone, from futuristic rides to a village of communities representing various countries.

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The author has been a writer/photographer for over thirty years. Specializing in nature and landscape photography, as well as studying native cultures.

His travels have taken him to most of the United States, as well as Australia, Belize, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

He has studied the Mayan culture of Central America as well as the aborigines of Australia. Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in various parts of the world.

He has published several books about his adventures.

For more information, please consult his website,www.journeysthrulife.com.

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